Grooming a Maltese

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Grooming a Maltese

Keep your Maltese looking gorgeous and your neighbors jealous by following these few simple tips on grooming a Maltese. Many people would agree that the Maltese is one of the prettiest dogs in the world. They are sprightly, cute and have a beautiful coat of silky hair.

Grooming a Maltese

Maltese Breed

When we talk about dog grooming, the first thing we think about is their hair. Given the playful and sometimes rough nature of dogs, it is not unusual that we find their coat dirty and matted. Most Maltese have pure white hair so they can look especially mangy and dirty if you don’t keep on top of their grooming.

People have different opinions on how often should dogs be bathed. The more frequently they are bathed, the more of their natural oils are stripped from their skin, making their skin dry and coat dull. However, it is not a good idea to have a filthy dog in the house so if you have an active dog that loves to play outdoors, bathe them whenever needed.

When grooming a Maltese, first, gently detangle the matted areas in their hair with your fingers. For the really sticky mats, use a conditioning spray on the spot, wait for it to soak and slowly separate it. Brush the coat with a soft pin brush to get rid of knots and dead hair. Prepare all the bathing supplies and place them near you. If you will be bathing your Maltese in the sink or tub, put an old towel on the bottom to prevent your Maltese dog from slipping and hurting himself.

Bathing and Grooming a Maltese

Grooming a MalteseGive your Maltese a good drenching before applying shampoo. Dab a good amount of dog shampoo on his legs, on his back and around his tail and massage him to a good lather. Wash his face with a wash cloth. Rinse him off thoroughly because any residue of shampoo can irritate his skin or make it dry. If you wish, you can apply conditioner after shampooing, again making sure that you rinse all traces of the product away. As far as possible it is best to use herbal products or those that are made with the mildest formulation.

After washing your Maltese, dry him with large towels to remove as much water as possible. Some people use their own blow dryer to dry them, but I suggest that you invest in a good canine blow dryer to do the job. There are dog dryers that are quieter for dogs that can often become nervous with loud sounds.  The most useful type is a dryer with a stand that you can use so that you have both hands free to brush your dog or calm him down when he gets agitated. Only blow dry your dog using low or medium heat.

Grooming a Maltese with Middle Hair Parting

Maltese Dog GroomingMost Maltese have very long hair, some up to 12 inches long. If you want to keep their coat that long, be sure that you brush them every day and trim them every few weeks to maintain their health and shine. There are special oils that can be bought to bring that added sheen to the dog’s hair.

These beautiful dogs often have their hair parted in the middle. To do this, get your Maltese pup to stand on a low table, and use the end of a comb to part the hair from the base of the neck to the edge of his spine. Make sure that you comb not just the back area, but the dog’s limbs, undersides and paws as well. Sometimes they have too much hair between their toes that you need to trim. Use a small comb to brush the hair on his face.

Grooming a MalteseClipping nails is another part of grooming a Maltese that you shouldn’t neglect. If your dog is outdoors often, his toenails are filed down by concrete. Otherwise, it is wise for you to clip the edges regularly. If not, it will be painful for him and may even affect the way he walks. Buy dog clippers because dog nails are a lot tougher than ours.

Now, because the ears of the Maltese drop, they are more susceptible to ear problems. It is important that you check his ears regularly to see if there are any accumulated dirt and bacteria that may lead to more serious infections.

Use a cotton ball and dab on a dog ear solution and gently reach inside the dog’s ears. Do not use Q-tips because they can push the dirt further inside the ear canal. Very carefully trim any excess hair surrounding the dog’s ears so air can freely circulate. Never, ever pull out hair from your dog’s ears. If your dog has ear mites, bring them to the vet or a professional cleaner to have them removed immediately.

Understandably, dogs can get a little fidgety when groomed, so it is important that you train them early on. Grooming a Maltese can take a little effort on your part but it is well worth that effort.

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