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Grain Free Dog FoodHave you ever heard of grain free dog food? Grains may be great for us humans, but this isn’t always the case with our dogs. Learn more about the benefits of grain free dog food when you read this short and helpful article today.

Dogs are by nature, carnivores. They have lived for centuries in the wild, thriving on raw meat and the freshest herbs and fruits. Meat is the best kind of protein and this is what active dogs need to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Why do pet food companies use grains in their products? Grains are a cheaper alternative than meat. Grains are protein substitutes, but they are NOT as beneficial as meat. In fact, there have been a lot of reports that feeding your dog a diet that have more grains than meat can be detrimental to his health.

It is reported that a lot of dogs are allergic to grains. They are more difficult to digest than the other kinds of food, which makes it harder especially for the senior dogs to obtain nutrients from these kinds of food. Corn and wheat for example, are grains often found in generic dog food products. They are metabolized quickly into sugar in the dog’s bloodstream, this is akin to feeding dogs a diet of fast food every day.

Aside from a commonGrain Free Dog Food cause of allergens, a diet of grains may result in your dog having bad skin and a dull coat of hair. You will notice that dogs that feed on fresh meat have shiny coats, and clear skin and eyes. A better disposition and higher level of energy are also attributed to dogs that are on a grain free diet.

This is why owners of performance dogs, pregnant and lactating moms should be even more particular with their dog’s diet. They cannot afford to put their dog’s health in danger by scrimping on the diet that they feed. Dog nutrition is an integral part of making sure that they are at their healthiest at all times.

While it is generally recommended that dogs are given grain free dog food, you should still consult the vet with regard to your dog’s diet. Why? There are some instances that this type of diet is not suitable to a dog. Because proteins translate to a higher fat content, obese dogs should not be on it. You need to have an active dog, or you need to make sure to engage your pet in regular exercise if you plan to feed your dog a diet without grains.

Grain Free Dog FoodWhen you transition your dog to a new diet, do so gradually. It may take 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the tolerance of your dogs to new things. Changing your dog’s diet causes stress which in turn results in stomach cramps, diarrhea and poor elimination habits.

You can get the best grain free dog food in the links provided in this article today. Invest in your dog’s best nutrition and enjoy a healthy and happy dog when you do.

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