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Good Dog FoodWhat is good dog food? There are so many commercial pet food in the market today that a well-meaning pet owner can make a mistake and buy one that may be bad for their beloved pooch’s health.

The absolute best kind of food to give your pet is one that is closest to its natural form that means the rawer the better. There are people who may not agree with me on this. They have qualms in feeding their pets uncooked food which may in turn give their pets viruses and bacterial infections.

Well, if you think about it, dogs come from a long line of animals that learned to live and thrive in the wild. There were no stoves and microwaves in the outdoors, but they managed to survive through a diet of raw meat and plants. These natural instincts have never left our dogs despite our repeated attempts to domesticate them. If it is a simple salmonella virus we are worried about, a robust immune system acquired through a diet of the freshest fare will be able to fight it off.

Good Dog FoodDogs are carnivores so make sure that the largest portion of what you feed your dog is meat. If you plan to cook the meat first, remove the bones first because cooked bones tend to splinter when chewed. These can present a choking hazard to your pet. Include the bones in the meals though. Bones are excellent sources of calcium and other essential minerals. They also help regulate the dog’s breath.

While protein is an important part of his diet, do not neglect to give your dog vegetables and fruits as well. The anti oxidants found in these delicious treats help to prolong the animal’s life and provide him with vitamins that improve his skin and coat. Make sure you remove all the seeds, pits and stems in the vegetables and fruits because these can be toxic to the dog’s system.

Not all ingredients in our cupboards can be qualified as good dog food. There are several food substances that are very dangerous to their health when ingested. Some examples of these are onions, grapes, macadamia, caffeine and chocolate. Organ meat are healthy in small amounts but too much of it can be very dangerous to his health. Ask your vet for a list of ingredients that shouldn’t be fed to canines.

Good Dog FoodNow while a fresh and natural diet is ideal to give to your pet, there are other alternatives for busy pet owners who want the best for their dogs. Healthy and high quality pet food are available that will provide your dog with the nutrients that he needs to enjoy a long and healthy life. Look for brands that use the mildest processing methods and the best quality ingredients in their products.

Click on the links in this site to find out which brands you can trust your dog’s health with. Good dog food is a foundation to good canine health, enjoy a healthy and happy dog today!

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  1. julie johnston

    For goodness sake, please do it RIGHT (not a bit of this and a bit of that!) Dogs and cats are CARNIVORES. Their enzymes will break down the raw food (meat, bones, veggies, fruit etc.) that is most beneficial to their nutrition and IMMUNE SYSTEM! Foods either packaged , processed or prepared (cooked) are just “PRETTY” foods. Please google “raw food diet“. …..if you really love your pet. The realization and reality of the GARBAGE in bagged/processed food will smack you in the face but good!

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