Golden Retriever Training

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Golden Retriever Training

Golden RetrieverDo you want to guess what the world’s best loved dog is? Well, of course whatever breed of dog you have now is a good one for sure, but for the most part, people just love golden retrievers. If you have one, then here is a great article for you. Learn the best tricks for golden retriever training and have a lovable, well-trained dog before you know it.

Golden Retriever Training

These beautiful creatures are a great addition to any household. Not only are they friendly and amazing with children, they are also smart, protective and loyal to their families. Because they are intelligent and sociable creatures, you need to keep them mentally and physically stimulated when you train them. Dog training golden retrievers can be a fun experience for the responsible and fun-loving master as well.

Establishing your position is the first step in golden retriever training. No matter how much part of the family the golden retriever is, they are still animals that have natural survivor instincts. They will try to get their way with you and it is very important that you let them know that you are the boss. When they understand this, it will be easier to train them.

Golden Retriever TrainingHow are some of the ways we can do this? When you are walking across the room and he is in the middle, never walk around him. Gently push him aside so he can make a way for you. Let him watch you eat because the leader of the pack always controls the food. Rub his belly or allow him to lick the underside of your hands, these small gestures are signals of submissions that you are establishing in his canine mind.

Now that you have him where you want, it’s time to commence training. Operant conditioning is an effective way to train animals. What is this? Basically, operant conditioning is rewarding a dog according to the behavior he displays. If he has been bad, a scolding is in order. If he is good, prepare to lavish him with praise or a good doggie treat. In doing so, you are allowing him to associate good behavior with pleasant sensations and this is what he will strive to do.

Golden Retriever Training – Other Tips

Golden Retriever TrainingThere are also other effective dog training tools that you can use to your advantage. A dog clicker is a good tool that many professional trainers use. Canine training DVDs are really some of the most helpful ways to have a well-trained dog. Click on the links provided in the articles found in this site to find a fantastic canine training DVD that countless of satisfied pet owners have used.

Even though golden retriever training might be a little frustrating at times, just stick to it. With patience and consistency, it won’t be too long before you find yourself with a happy and obedient dog. More than anything, don’t forget to have fun! You are extremely blessed to have a beautiful relationship with the Golden One, one of the best creatures in the world. Enjoy and have a wonderful time bonding!

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