Give Your Pet The Food He Deserves, Go For Natural Dog Food

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natural dog foodPerhaps there is no more enduring symbol of lasting friendship than that of a man and his dog. It is a union that started ever since canines accompanied humans during their travels across borders. A dog is still man’s best friend; he or she will never be upgraded, outdated or replaced. Since dogs have never ceased to make us happy, it is just logical to also repay them the right dues by feeding them with meals that could make them healthier and safer, and what better way to do this than provide them with natural dog food.

Natural dog food is the best high quality food you could feed to your canine pets. This type of food is designed to mimic the diet of undomesticated canines that were able to survive for long in the wild. Hence, unlike commercial dog food brands that contain fillers, chemical preservatives and other synthetic ingredients that could harm your dog, most natural canine meals are made only from the finest and human-quality ingredients that contain the right nutritional proportions. Studies have shown that dogs fed with a natural food diet are more likely to live longer than the ones fed regularly with commercial dog food products.

Natural dog food is a new approach in the field of dog food products. Regardless, this type of food is increasingly becoming popular among dog owners and breeders as it provides health benefits that commercial dog food products are often lacking. Allowing your dogs to have high quality natural diet that corresponds to their health needs eliminate digestive problems, take in vital nutrients, and avoid allergies that could affect their skin and coats. Natural food also reinforces the immune system of our pets that help fight the rise of certain degenerative illnesses like diabetes, cancer, renal failure, liver disease and heart disease.

Honest_Kitchen_dog_foodHonest Kitchen and Solid Gold pet food are two of the most noteworthy dog food brands that manufacture high quality and all-natural canine food meals. Honest Kitchen is a family owned company that operates in San Diego, California. This dog food line was officially founded in 2002 by husband and wife, Charlie and Lucy Postin. Honest Kitchen pet food was established out of the need to find the right solution for the issue of having a dog food that is fresh, uncooked and contains the finest, human quality ingredients but could be prepared easily, is convenient and healthy for pets. As an end result, the company was able to develop their now well-known dehydrated dog food products.

The dehydrated dog food formulas of Honest Kitchen are truly one-of-a-kind as they contain few ingredients that are entirely natural, safe and healthy. Through the use of gentle dehydration, their edible product ingredient’s enzymes, vitamins and nutrients are well maintained, and the pathogenic bacteria in the meat and eggs they use are killed at high temperature, ensuring that they are safe to be fed to pooches. The people behind Honest Kitchen follow the maxim “you are what you eat;- hence, every ingredient contained in each pack of their products are guaranteed made from human grade quality. As a bonus, their packagings are truly friendly to nature.

Solid Gold dog foodMeanwhile, Solid Gold dog food is known as one of the dog food lines that trail-blazed natural canine food in the US market in 1975 and holistic dog food in 1985. The same with Honest pet food, Solid Gold only uses all-natural and human-quality ingredients in the production of their dog food meals, without using any form of low quality grains, chemical preservatives and additives that could jeopardize the health of your pets. With their advocacy to provide holistic all-natural meals to canine pets, Solid Gold is the only dog food company in the US that is an accredited member of Organic Trade Association, the American Neutraceutical Foods Association, Medicinal Food Association and the Life Extension Association. From the foregoing reasons, you could definitely be assured that all their edible canine products have been tested extensively and have passed intensive quality control standards.

If you really love your pet that much, you should therefore ensure that the quality of food you feed him is safe and healthy. Natural dog food is probably the best food you could provide your pet to oversee that his diet is packed with daily nutrients he needs to perform well and contains healthy ingredients that wouldn’t harm his health. Solid Gold dog food and Honest kitchen are canine food lines known for their holistic natural canine meals.

– Brigitte Smith

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