Flint River Ranch Dog Food Review

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Flint River Ranch Dog Food Review

Flint River Ranch foods for dogs, and cats, originated in 1993, when a fellow named Jim Flint decided to make it his mission to provide the finest cat and dog foods that would not only contribute to your pet’s health, but actually reduce the daily feeding cost. Flint River Ranch Dog Food

Flint River Ranch – How it Started …

Jim set up a family owned company, Flint River Ranch, for this purpose, and set to work. In consultation with nutritionists (most important), as well as veterinarians, manufacturers and suppliers, the highly nutritious, palatable and top quality Flint River Ranch products were developed.

There are two main aspects of commercial pet foods that are highly undesirable, at best, and slowly killing our pets, at worst. Broadly speaking, both the ingredients and the cooking process of commercial pet foods are completely inadequate for our pets’ nutritional needs.

Flint River Ranch

– How It’s Cooked …

First, in relation to the cooking – conventional dry pet foods are extruded, which involves cooking the food at extremely high temperatures for a short period of time. This has the effect of overcooking the outside of the kibble bits, trapping water inside, and often leaving the inside undercooked. This manner of cooking makes the resulting kibble difficult to digest, and can also result in bloating problems in some animals.

Combine this inappropriate cooking method with the substandard cat and dog food ingredients used in commercial foods, including excessive grains, animal byproducts, and chemical preservatives, and you have a cocktail that in the long term causes all sorts of degenerative illnesses in our pets, and yes, contributes to our pets dying at younger and younger ages.

Flint River Ranch pet foods addresses both of these issues.

Flint River Ranch Uses Human Grade Food …

Flint River Ranch Dog FoodFlint River Ranch foods use only human grade foods with a high proportion of protein – human grade lamb, chicken, fish, eggs and so so – and a low proportion of grains, together with added herbs, fruit and vegetables. This makes the nutritional value of this natural dog food highly concentrated when compared to commercial pet foods – so your cat or dog actually needs to eat smaller portions.

No animals byproducts or chemical preservatives of any kind are added to Flint River Ranch products. And no corn is used, which causes allergies in some animals and is particularly difficult to digest.

And to retain the nutritional value of the food, Flint River Ranch foods are oven baked – never extruded – and not only that, they’re baked twice. Why twice? The twice baking process ensures that the end product is easier to digest for your pet so the nutrients can be rapidly absorbed and used immediately for energy and muscle building. Baking the food twice converts starches (which are difficult for your pet to digest) into easily absorbed dextrins, which are soluble, and so much easier to digest.

Flint River Ranch foods offer a number of different options to suit all cats and dogs. For example, the dog foods, include foods suitable for all dogs, food more suited to puppies, specific older dog food formulations, a “dry water” formula – little like a canned pet food in texture, but without the unhealthy high temperature cooking of canned food – and even a “fish and chips” formulation – okay, so it’s trout and potatoes, and dogs love it!

For more information on the different types of Flint River Ranch dog foods available, click here.

– and ensure that your dog lives a longer, healthier life!

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3 thoughts on “Flint River Ranch Dog Food Review

  1. Brenda Fulleton

    Just want to let you know that all is going will here. Our 3 English mastiff”s love the food along with the cocker, speherd mix and lets not forget the Malamute. They all share as the food is always out so they know it is always there. This took along time to prepare as these dogs came from horrible homes. The cats enjoy the food so that is a giftl We live on a 30 acre farm with a bunch of animals no one wants. It is easier to say what we don’t have, elephant and zebra.. Websites speak highly of your food. Do you have cat food in cans? We have 2 your kittens, Thank you so much for your superior foods especially when all my animals like the food and have loads of energy. BRENDA FULLETON

  2. Hannah

    Anyone out there remember ( and miss) the old Kennel Biscuit that we used to feed? Flint River’s Original (baked) formula reminds me SO much of this great old food!

    I just barely began feeding it, so time will tell, but so far I am impressed by the fact that it is made with food-grade ingredients, WHOLE grain (not flour or gluten) and it is baked. Perhaps best of all it is NOT owned my one of the big corporations, nor is it manufactured by any contractor. I like it for what is does NOT contain, that is chemical preservatives, animal digest or by products, you know all of the stuff that makes the dogs not healthy…I am adding warm water and a little fresh meat at feeding time and so far it is fantastic! One thing I noticed right off the bat was a clean, fresh smell. My dogs certainly noticed that too.

    Delivery was fast. Ordered it from Aplus on a Friday and it arrived on Tuesday. I was hesitant over whether I wanted to get into the home delivery thing, but really it was so much better than driving over hill and dale for the premium food that I was buying. (Which I stopped buying because they sold out to a big corp with an ugly track record)

  3. JoAnn Brown


    Thank you for this information on Flint.
    Perhaps you can tell me which formula I should use for my 14 year old healthy pug, with the exception of a urinary infection she had 2 months ago. At that time the vet said she should be on a urinary diet for the rest of her life, a wet formula as he did not believe in using kibble. I tried Hills Urinary and Royall Canine Urinary. She, my pug hated it and the only way for her to eat it is adding a low sodium sliced turkey breast. Also she originally had been on Royal Canine low fat kibble only, however my other pug (who has recently passed) ate it and Lulabelle ate it as well and tolerated it. I was told she should not be on it and feed only the wet urinary formula.
    I am at my wits end as it is expensive and more often than not wasted unless I add the turkey.
    After reading several articles on your food I would like to try it, however I do not know which one and also should it be wet or dry?

    I appreciate any help you can offer and recommendations please. Lulabelle is my pugs name and healthy for a 14 year old pug with the exception of the urinary tract infection she had. She also does not have a full mouth of teeth as she has had extractions.

    Thank you,
    JoAnn Brown

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