Causes of a Dog’s Bad Breath

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Causes of a Dog’s Bad Breath

dog's bad breathThe smell of a dog’s breath may not be the best smelling scent that anyone may come across. Nonetheless, wait till he smells a dog’s bad breath. By then he would have compared both and would undoubtedly prefer the normal aroma of a dog’s breath to its nasty counterpart. Apart from its foul smell, bad breath in our fave canine is usually an indicator that something is not right with our beloved house pet. Generally, it shows the way to a lurking health problem that our dog may have. What follows is a list of possible causes of the foul smell in our pet.

The usual cause of bad breath in dogs is tooth decay. As many pet owners fail to take care of their canine friend’s dental hygiene, it is but inevitable that they lose some of their teeth through some nasty tooth decay. As such, whenever the foul smell starts to rear its ugly smell, it is best to check your dog for any rotten teeth that is usually caused by plaque. If the pet owner is averse to checking the dog’s mouth on their own, it would be best to have the veterinarian check the dog’s mouth for any plaque or rotten teeth.

At times, our dogs go through the garbage and end up eating some of our house’s refuse. If this happens then it is inevitable for bad breath to occur in our dog’s mouth. However, it would not take too long because in a few hours, these garbage passes through its stomach and intestines. Nonetheless, to take out the possibility of our dog eating garbage, it would be best to keep this out of our dog’s paws and mouth. That way, we avoid the possibility of our dog developing something more serious other than bad breath.

dog's bad breathIn some cases, a simple foreign object getting stuck in between our dog’s teeth can cause bad breath. This is highly possible given that our dog eat anything that they fancy to be attractive. In some serious cases, these foreign objects cause abscessed tooth or infections in their mouth. Both of which can cause bad breath if not properly treated. Likewise, if in doubt, it would be best to have a vet check our dog’s teeth if we cannot handle it ourselves. In the long run, this might prove to be more sensible inasmuch as infections may be best handled by medical professionals.

More importantly, a dog’s bad breath can be resolved by simply taking care of our dog’s dental health. We can save up on trouble and the cost of veterinary services if we simply buy a regular dog toothbrush to clean both our dog’s teeth as well as scrape accumulating dirt in its tongue. It would not cost as much as the bill we may rack up if our pet gets sick and ends up in the vet. Also, it is important to get toothpaste that will do the trick. Keep in mind that human toothpaste will not help get rid of the dirt in the dog’s mouth. Generally, it will simply be swallowed together with the toothpaste. It would be best to buy dog toothpaste as they are readily available in the market and online. With these two handy tools, it would not be long before our favorite pet gets a sparkling smile and nice breath.

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