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Dog Vaccinations

Dog VaccinationsI receive lots of wonderful feedback on my dog health articles and dog health sites from time to time. The following was a lovely letter from a reader in Florida who was, like me, concerned about dog vaccinations, and specifically the over-vaccination of pets:


I found your Healthy Happy Dogs web site while searching for information about adverse reactions to dog vaccines. I want to thank you for providing such great information. You truly are performing a tremendous public service by educating people about the dangers of commonly used and frequently abused pharmaceutical products.

Many of us have learned the hard way that we cannot rely on our veterinarians to inform us about the negative aspects of these drugs. My own experiences have taught me that I must depend on the internet to find the best and most reliable sources of accurate information simply because many veterinarians continue to withhold informatDog Vaccinationsion from their clients. I know not all vets are guilty of this but based on my experiences I am forced to believe that truly good vets are difficult to find. I have come to realize that homeopathy is the safe and effective choice for healthcare.

I know this all too well because I am the heartbroken mom of a rimadyl victim who did not survive and I am the mom of an amazing vaccinosis survivor. When I became suspicious and started asking questions the vets blatantly lied to me about both products. I have found far too much easily accessible information for me to believe that these medical professionals had no knowledge of the facts. While reading Bailey’s tragic story on your web site I felt as though I was reading an article about my pup’s horrid ordeal. The similarities were stunning! 

I thank you so very much for making such gallant efforts to raise public awareness. Hopefully the day will come that we can persuade our lawmakers to implement and enforce regulations that will force ALL of the veterinary community to provide full disclosure and stop endangering the lives of innocent victims by neglecting to stay informed and by deceiving clients merely for financial gain. Unfortunately, until then we must make every effort to raise public awareness. Our furry kids’ voices must be heard and WE must be their voices.

Again, I thank you! Your web site is fabulous!

Florida USA

Thanks so much, Debbie!

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About Brigitte Smith

Brigitte Smith is an entrepreneur with a love of dogs and a healthy lifestyle. Brigitte is passionate about holistic health alternatives for dogs, most of which are today suffering foreshortened lifespans in the wake of a lifetime diet of commercial pet food, and further contributed to by unnecessary over-vaccination and chemicals and poisons applied topically and internally. is one of Brigitte's sites dedicated to dog health, and in particular dog food reviews.

14 thoughts on “Dog Vaccinations

  1. Debbie


    I read your 3 part series. I was aware of what you were saying as I am a very aware pet owner. My dogs go to the vet yearly, well Sam sees an Integrative vet at least every few months for acupuncture & herbs.

    I do not believe in annual vaccinations, I am an advocate for titer tests. I recommend them to all the people who adopt dogs from me.

    I know rabies is required in most places, so I suggest people do the 3 yr rabies vacc. which contains the same as a 1 yr.

    I believe in being pack leader, but in a positive training manner. I require my dogs sit before they get their food & they wait till I release them to eat. I use treat, & praise training with my dogs & my fosters.

    I do occasionally loose it & yell at them, but try not to. They both are smart, friendly, healthy & it shows.

    I feed them a premium dry food & I prepare food for them that I add to their dry kibble. I eventually want to use a total homemade diet, it will be done over time. I wish I could do raw, but my Sam’s stomach can not handle it, & I have tried a number of times. I will use the water, broth in their food so I can try & hold on to all the vitamins possible. I plan to get a grinder for the bones also.

    Thank you for your information, it is nice to see that you are informing others out there. I think if more people cared enough to read and listen all our pets would be healthier. I foster dogs & I try & educate those that adopt the dogs I foster for the rescue.

    & Ace

  2. Brigitte Smith

    Hello Debbie,

    Thanks so much for your kind comments. I really appreciate them.

    And you make such great points about the vaccinations, as well as the training points.

    The vast majority of pet owners unfortunately still subject their pets to annual vaccinations, because not only do they believe they’re necessary, but also believe that they’re essential for their pets’ health. Entirely wrong, of course.

    Hopefully the people who adopt dogs from you do listen to your views about the need for vaccinations being so much less than many vets have us believe.

    Good luck with switching completely over to a homemade diet. I’m sure your dogs will benefit in the long run.

    You’re doing a great job!


  3. Brigitte Smith

    Hi again Billie,

    Thanks for contributing.


    P.S. For anyone who is unsure what Billie is saying, she’s referring to the titer test – a blood test that can determine the levels of vaccine and/or antibodies to the disease in the blood. This is for anyone who doesn’t want to give their dogs yearly vaccinations but is a bit apprehensive – if your dog ever needs to be re-vaccinated, having a yearly (or once every few years if you prefer) titer test will tell you.

  4. kelly morgan

    I have 2 miniature dachsunds who are prone to allergies. occasionally red bumps on the underbelly, red skin, especially this year for we have had literally no rain and the fleas have been horrible. I have them on the revolution and not helping. what flea control should I use and is Benadryl the best for their allergies??
    kelly Morgan
    Destin Florida Panhandle

  5. Christine


    I live in the UK and have just read your article about vaccinations, my 1 year old dalmation Flynn is due his booster shot this month and I am now not sure what to do. The vets practice that we use positively push to have dogs vaccinated to the point of giving half price offers. I lost a dalmation 5 years ago with liver cancer and feel guilty because I now know that if I had fed him differently and not had him vaccinated it may have had a different outcome. My question is are the things you write about a global thing or just for americans bearing in mind we are a much smaller country where most of the population owns a dog and we dont have the wide open spaces that you do, therefore we live in closer proximity to everyone else and the spread of any canine disease would be very quick and deadly. I would be very interested in your comments.


  6. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Christine,

    In my humble opinion, it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever as to the difference in space, climate or anything else. Vaccinations are about immunity. When puppies are vaccinated, many experts believe it may well confer lifetime immunity. Certainly, there is no doubt that annual vaccinations are not required. Some experts prefer vaccinations every 2, 3 or 5 years and others as I’ve said, believe that vaccinations are not required in adult dogs.

    Vets around the world are well aware (or should be if they’re not) that annual vaccinations are not necessary. There is ample evidence available now that they can cause harm – sometimes significant harm.

    I don’t know whether vets in the UK are so behind the times that they’re not aware of what vets in other countreis are aware of, but if they are, they should keep up to date with the latest research. Research over the past several years clearly establishes that annual vaccinations are unnecessary. Vets in places like New Zealand seem to be more enlightened that those in bigger places like the U.S. and the U.K. The question is whether these vets are financially motivated. Many pet owners in the U.S. believe this to be the case (which is very sad for our pets).

    So the short answer (after I’ve nearly written a book above!) is that disease won’t spread where there is immunity. And most, if not all, immunity that pets need, is contained in the puppy vaccines – no matter what the location.


  7. Karen

    Hello Brigitte,

    thank you for the info on vaccinations.

    My dog, a German Shepherd mix about 6 years 7 months old (found as a stray with a host of health problems) has not had a rabies shot in close to five years.

    Another of my dogs had to be put to sleep from what I believe to be cancer caused by vaccinations.

    I live with terrible guilt everyday, knowing that my Jake, after having a bad response to a rabies vaccine, was taken to the vet for more. I can’t begin to express how bad I feel, knowing that instead of protecting my sweet boy, I let the vet give him these shots.

    Last year, Jordi, the dog in question had a bad year. He had an enlarged prostrate and was neutered. A longer than usual time on antibiotics left him with IBD. He also has a lung disease and a partially enlarged heart.

    After I started him on Eagle Pack foods and added nzymes BakPak Plus, his stools are normal and regular. Now the real question is, after waiting almost five years, do you think he can or should get a rabies vaccine? The law here is three years, but I won’t “kill” another dog. He also had no parvo/distemper last year either.

    I’ve ALWAYS only got one vaccine at a time, waiting months between shots.

    Jordi is an indoor dog and is never off leash or out of his fenced yard. He’s never left outside in his yard when I’m not home, ever. I take him out into his fenced yard on a leash every time, and walk the yard to make sure no other animals found a way in: cats, rabbits, snakes, etc..

    So shot or no shot, that is the question…

    Thank you for your time.

    I will look forward to your opinion.


  8. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Karen,

    Your dilemma is sadly one that many pet owners face. If it’s law that you vaccinate for Rabies, then I can only recommend that you comply with the law and lobby your local representative to change the law. It’s definitely not an ideal solution for you.

    It’s a tough decision for you to make after your particular experiences. I don’t envy you at all.


  9. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Kelly,

    Sorry, I missed your questions, and no one else seems to have given you any suggestions either.

    I favor natural flea prevention – see here – – although natural methods don’t always work spectacularly with fleas are particularly bad, as you describe.

    And are you saying that the Revolution is not working to kill the fleas? If that’s the case, I guess the fleas are really bad. Frontline is another conventional flea treatment that I know does work very well. (I don’t like any of the conventional flea treatments personally, because they are chemically based. But I know that when there are particularly intense infestations of fleas, for some people the chemicals are the only real alternative).

    As for the allergies, they could be caused by any number of things. I’m not sure if you’re saying this is actually flea allergy dermatitis? (Allergy to flea bites). If so, of course, it’s even more important to keep the fleas away.

    In any event, I’m not a vet and I have no veterinary training whatsoever. My understanding is that Benadryl is a type of antihistamine, and antihistamines are used to calm the symptoms of allergies of many types.

    Again, there are natural remedies available if you’re so inclined.

    The underlying cause of allergies are often very difficult to treat simply because the source of the allergy is often difficult to pinpoint.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    I hope you’re starting to manage to keep the fleas under control.


  10. Virginia

    Vaccinations for animals not neccesary- period

    Do you know wants in the vaccinations for our children?? – Global Vaccine Awareness League

    I dont vacciniate my son or my golden retriever. I started having problems at 4mths with my son not eating for 3 days from vaccinations. I started reading books. In Illinois there is exemption form. I have had no conflict or problems from any school in Illinois.

    My son is 10years old. He stands 65inches tall & shoe size 10 1/2. 105lbs I watch try to control him from eating prcessed food which is all chemicals for coloring dyes.

    My Golden Retriever eats only cooked meat,rice, vegtables, apples, other vegtables twice aday. She loves Pizza- wont go for a walk if she knows pizza is in the oven.

    The color dyes our not safe either.

    I watch for the color dyes and the chemicals that our processed and allowed in our food.

  11. Karen

    Dear Brigitte:

    I last wrote to you on June 7th about my dog Jordi (above).

    I explained the death of my dog Jake from over vaccination. I was at a loss as what to do about my Jordi and his next date with a rabies shot! Because Jordi has other health problems, I’m asking my vet for a MEDICAL WAIVER.

    Yes, dogs can be given a waiver if the vet decides a shot will do more harm to an ill dog. Will this help everyone out there? No. But for those dear dogs with health problems, escape from a damning rabies shot will at least help.

    I know that pumping that vaccine into a less than healthy dog is a tragic error.

    Everyday I look at Jake’s picture and ask him to please forgive me.

    Thanks for your time,

  12. Brigitte Smith

    Thanks for your further input, Karen.

    That’s certainly something to think about for pet owners with pets that are suffering from any kind of medical condition or health problem. Maybe you can ask your vet to consider providing the medical waiver Karen is talking about, so your pet will not have to undergo an unnecessary vaccination even when the vaccination is required by law.


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