Dog Treats: Your Dog’s Second Best Friend

Dog Treats: Your Dog’s Second Best Friend

Dog TreatsYour dog is a very important member of your family. You are sure to want the very best for yours. As a caring pet owner, you are sure to look for the best foods that you can possibly find for your pet. There are lots of dog treats out there, so you may need to do some research to find the best ones. There is always the trial and error method of finding the best food, but this can take a long time, especially if your dog is a fussy eater.

Instead, you should look for information online that will guide you to the right choice. Most brands of food also make various types of dog treats. Although not an essential part of your pet’s diet, dog treats are something that most dog owners like to give their dogs, either as rewards, or just as a treat additional to their normal meal. Make sure you choose healthy dog treats as well as healthy food for your dog.

There are many preservatives and chemicals in dog treats that most pets eat today. Which are not good for your pets. Most people check the ingredients in human food, and should check there pets ingredients as well before buying any treats or food. Besides Making your own dog food the best choice of food is a wellness dog food as research shows. People choose to but ready made dog food rather than make their own dog food. Most people find that making your own food for your pet can take a lot of time.Dog Treats

There are some organic and holistic dog food companies who also offer dog treats for sale. You can be sure that these dog treats are the most healthful for your dog. They do not contain any hurtful ingredients and will add to the nutrition your dog gets from dog food. Since they are so natural your dog will most likely gobble them up and want more.

Every dog adores dog treats. There are more kinds of treats available than food, so you should research what you are buying before spending the money. When you do know what you wish to purchase, it’s a smart idea to be ready to spend a little extra in order to get the best treats that money can buy. Don’t shortchange the nutrition that your dog needs since this will help your dog have a healthy and long life.

make your own dog foodWhichever brand of dog treats or of dog food that you select, you need to be certain that you dog will eat it and that he will not be allergic to it. Serious reactions to dog food are rare, especially if the food is organic and of high quality. However, many dogs are picky about what they eat. Some dogs simply will not eat certain foods or treats, even though they cause no physical problems. Any dog food that your dog will not eat, no matter how good it may be, is wasted.

You will have to do some careful research to find the best dog treats available since there are so many on the market today. If your dog is a fussy eater, the trial and error method of researching the best foods may not be the best. Lots of dog foods and treats contain preservatives and chemicals. Just like human food, you should read the ingredients label before purchasing a particular food or treat. Research has shown that a wellness dog food is the best choice that you can make aside from learning to make your own dog food.

– Melinda Smith

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5 thoughts on “Dog Treats: Your Dog’s Second Best Friend

  1. Tracy Campanaro

    I just thought I would share my own dog food treats with you. I made a decision along time ago to only ever make them myself. I buy and slow roast pork rinds, the ones that have no bone, and then cut them into small peices and keep in fridge for the dogs. I not only get the dogs hanging around for them to cook I also get the humans. Very tasty and great source of animal fat to protect thier hearts. I also boil up chicken thighs and cut up small to keep in fridge for them. Inexpensive and great for the lab that has dermatitis. She really only has those two sources of meat due to her allergies. Thanks for your great articles.

  2. Barbara Ellery

    I feed a raw food diet——For easy natural treats: 1. raw chicken gizzards, cut into bite-size pieces—freeze on a cookie sheet (space apart) and when frozen, place in freezer bag or container and give thawed as many as needed at a day or two’s worth in the refrigerator. 2. Can do same with chicken liver or hearts—even beef liver (best organic though) 3. Make bite-size meatballs from ground beef or ground turkey or chicken and freeze as stated above. All this is raw but if you “must” have cooked–you can! 4. You can also use a food dehydrator to do thin strips of meat as pork or beef from roasts, etc.—like jerky almost without the salty sauce addition of course! 5. Cooked chicken breast cut into bite-sized pieces. Stay away from salt and grains!

  3. Barbara Ellery

    Just to add what I just posted above—–You can grind up (mini food processor) real, real fine–raw carrot or broccoli, zucchini (raw veggies) and add to the meatballs idea stated above post.

  4. Brigitte Smith

    Thanks for your comments, Tracy, Michael and Barbara.

    Great suggestions, Tracy and Barbara! Thanks.


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