Dog Treats: Prevent Health Problems

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Dog Treats: Prevent Health Problems

Flint River Ranch Dog FoodFlint River Ranch dog food is one of several high quality dog foods that actually provides great nutrition for your pet. It is as good as giving home made dog food to your pet. In today’s world pets eat on a regular basis, and most even get regular dog treats, and are thus not starving for food, but they are starving for nutrition.

Nutritional deficiency occurs either when the quality of food is inadequate or when it cannot be properly utilized by the body. Your pet may signal that their food is not adequate in quality and digestibility by consuming excrement or digging in the rubbish for food. They may also seem to want to eat constantly and may even beg for your food attempting to get what they need.

Many pet owners are disgusted and cannot understand why their pets eat stool. However, their pets know something they do not, stool actually provides an additional source of nutrition, something your pet is instinctively looking for when they consume feces, vomit, etc. Stool consumption is just one sign that your pet is nutritionally imbalanced; of course, they may be other signs and health problems. For example, a thyroid problem may cause a deficit in iodine in your pet, a mineral that helps regulate the thyroid.

Nutrition is fuel for the body and unless the body has a nutritional fuel tank that is filled up at every meal, then the body will always be like a car running on empty. It has been said that 90% of health problems begin as a result of poor nutrition or a lack of nutrition at some point in the life of the pet whether it be in adulthood or puppy-hood.

We really have to wonder about the nourishment level of those of our pets who are being fed manufactured pet food products, especially when we notice the number of canines suffering from illnesses and the number of veterinary offices that exist throughout the country.

It makes sense to feed your pet a wholesome raw meet diet since the emphasis is on the word “wholesome” rather then “raw”. Our dogs, just like humans, need wholesome foods to maintain good health, which also serve as the basis for many dog treats.

Dog TreatsFor some, they will think that commercial pet foods constitute a wholesome diet and that’s fair enough for them. But if we consider what really constitutes a wholesome diet for our pets then we will also begin to clearly see that one that most closely imitates what Mother Nature herself would feed is one of the best diets you can feed your dog. High quality dog treats are optional, but premium dog food such as Flint River Ranch dog food is essential if you want your dog to thrive.

Your pet can obtain the great nutrition it needs from Flint River Ranch dog food, which is a quality god food. It is as good as giving your dog some home made dog food. Today, most of the pets are given food and dog-treats on a regular basis, and hence are not starving for food, but instead, they are not getting enough nutrition. To provide dogs with wholesome raw meat seems to be sensible as the word raw is not made important but stress is given to the word wholesome. Dogs require wholesome foods for keeping good health that serves as dog treats.

– Melinda Smith

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