Dog Treats – Healthy And Tasty

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Dog Treats – Healthy And Tasty

dog treatsBoring old biscuits are out because new and unique dog treats are now flooding the market. There is a wide assortment of cool dog treats that not only provide health benefits but also give your dog a taste that will surely please.

There is so much more variety in water for your dog than just plain tap water. Pet stores carry many different flavored water options. It is easy to find meat flavored waters made especially for dogs. For more expensive tastes, there are also pricier dog waters and sports drinks. Another option is to buy dog treats online.

If you can’t find these dog treats, consider creating your own treats from scratch. Simply use a portion of unsalted beef, or add some gravy to the dog’s water dish. With these easy ideas, you’ll be able to help your dog enjoy a new and different kind of treat.

You can get Frosty Paws which is a very tasty nondairy dog treat. It is an ice cream which is prepared especially for dogs. Dogs generally like the taste of this tasty treat. You may get them from the local stores near your home.

Many are unaware that fresh fruit is not only healthy for your dog but is also very tasty to them. If you are willing to slice up a small portion of fruit and put it out in the dog’s food dish you will provide your cherished pet benefits of antioxidants and improve tdog treatsheir overall health.

There are many recipes for making dog cookies. You can find several different books on the subject. You can also search on the Internet for recipes so that you can make healthy treats for your dog. If you require healthy recipes for a treat, then do a search for “dog cookie recipes” and you will receive many options.

Many dogs also really benefit from fresh vegetables. You may try to make vegetables more attractive to the dog by adding together a little peanut butter to the clean carrot sticks. This is considered to be one of the best treats that you can offer your dog. You can also give Wellness dog food which is rated quite high in the dog food ratings.

There’s a wide assortment of dog treats that provide both health benefits and great taste. You can also make your own treats. Add some salt free beef or chicken gravy in the dog’s water for a simple treat. Frosty Paws is a non-dairy treat specially formulated for canines. Fresh fruit is not only healthy for dogs but tasty too. Slice up a small portion of fruit and put it out in the dog’s dish. Many dog cookie recipes are available in books and online. Dogs also benefit from fresh vegetables. You can also give wellness dog food which is highly regarded in dog food ratings.

– Melinda Smith

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3 thoughts on “Dog Treats – Healthy And Tasty

  1. Joyce Gerlach

    very interesting about the fruits and veggies. Daisy is now going to enjoy flavored water, too. Thanks for all the info

  2. Kathy Horgan

    My 3 dogs love carrots – I split a large carrot into 3 and they chop it up like it’s meat! They also love berries, apples, pears, plums, mangoes, papaya, etc., and vegetables (my neighbor tosses an apple to each over the fence every few days).

  3. Norine

    I read about Frosty Paws last year but unfortunately we can’t get it in my area. I thought it would be a cool little treat for those warm summer days. What I’ve been doing is diluting apple juice with water and freezing it in ice cube trays. my dog loves them. Pieces of apple, pear and a little peach are a favorite treat at my place too.

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