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Organic Dog TreatsMy dog always eats the healthiest dog food and dog treats there is to offer. If I would not eat food made with sub par ingredients then why would I feed it to my dog? The foods I find that have the greatest results are Flint River Ranch Dog Food and Wysong Dog Food.

Recently I have been looking into new options for organic dog treats. I like to give my dog treats when he does cute tricks. The dog treats I have been giving him are made by a company who makes organic dog food so I assumed they were organic as well but I recently discovered that they are not organic.

Beyond organic food and dog treats being healthier for my dog they are also better for the environment. I like to know that the purchases I make are not contributing to our water sources being polluted by pesticides that are completely unnecessary in this day and age when there are so many non-polluting options available to farmers.

After you decide to change to organic pet food, you will need to consider a number of things. Organic choices are almost always clearly identified by their producers. If you have any questions about the actual nature of a product, do some research on the Internet. You will likely be able to find a site where you can double check the product you are considering.

There are also several consumer sites that track organic projects. Several of them have processes where they will certify a product or company as organic. If you can find a company that is approved by several of these sites you are on the right track to finding a good product.

Some folks have concerns when making the switch to organic. One concern is that the products will be prohibitively expensive. While organic products can be slightly more expensive than their non-organic counterparts, the difference in cost is typically minimal and is well worth it when you consider the superior quality of the products you will be getting.

Organic Dog TreatsA further issue that concerns some dog owners is that their dogs might have a problem if they change their pet’s food or treats. I and other people I know have varied our dogs’ food and there were no problems. In fact, my dog was livelier and seemed to have improved wellbeing.

When it comes to feeding my dog, I want it to have the best food available, and that includes dog treats. I like the improvements I have seen by feeding my dog such products as flint river ranch dog food, and wysong dog food. My dog seemed livelier and healthier. Some people will be concerned about changing to organics. One worry is that these products might be too expensive. While organics can be somewhat more costly than non-organics, the cost difference is generally minimal, and well worth it when one considers the superior quality.

– Jennefer Poultson

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