Dog Treats For Your Special Pet

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Dog Treats For Your Special Pet

Dog Treats Boring old biscuits are out because new and unique dog treats are now flooding the market. There is a wide assortment of cool dog treats that not only provide health benefits but also give your dog a taste that will surely please.

Does your dog always drink plain water? Believe it or not, flavored water is available for dogs to drink now. You can find meat flavored water made especially for dogs to drink. There are also sports drinks just for dogs and if you have the money to afford it, there are other types of water for dogs that cost more.

If you cannot find the dog treats you are looking for, another option is making your own. It’s very simple and your dog will really enjoy it. You add a small amount of salt free beef or you can add some chicken gravy in the dog’s water so he will have a simple and tasty treat.

You might be able to find a specific ice cream treat made just for dogs, without any kind of dairy additives. Frosty Paws is one particular brand of this treat, but others exist as well. Your dog will love the cool, crisp taste, and most stores carry this type of treat, making it easy for you to find.

Fresh fruit is considered a luscious and very healthy treat for your dog. A good thing is that, you will be providing your dog the benefits of all the antioxidants so as to improve his health. You can cut some portion of the fruit and then keep them in the dog’s bowl.

Dog TreatsThere are a variety of dog cookie recipes. There are even several different books about them, or you can search the internet for recipes so that you can provide your dog with these healthy treats. If you are searching for healthy treat recipes, then you will want to search for ‘dog cookie recipes’ and it will return many options to you.

Even though vegetables may not be appealing to dogs, they are very beneficial to their health. In fact, carrots are one of the healthiest treats for your dog. To encourage your pooch to take a bite, you can add peanut butter to the fresh, clean veggies. Another healthy meal for dogs is Wellness dog food, which has a high standing in the dog food ratings.

The dog treats we used to give our dogs are now outdated. There are many other snacks to satisfy Rover’s cravings. They can be as simple as some fresh sliced fruits and veggies or as elaborate as baked goodies. Beneficial treats like these not only please your pet but provide them with helpful antioxidants to boost their overall well-being. Baking your own goodies is very easy and many healthy recipes are available online. Experiment to find a taste your pet enjoys. Of course a well-balanced dog food is essential. Wellness dog food has very high dog food ratings and will help keep your pooch healthy.

– Geraldine Dimarco

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