Dog Treats: Choosing Healthy Snacks That Your Dog Will Love

Dog Treats: Choosing Healthy Snacks That Your Dog Will Love

Dog TreatsDog treats play an essential role in maintaining the balance of your pets’ diet and something that they anticipate everyday because they differ in taste than the common meals you provide to them. However, you must take into account that not all treats are equivalent to each other and not all of them function the same way. With these facts in mind, it is essential that you cautiously select the treats that you indulge your pets with so as to make sure that they are benefiting from it rather than acquiring diseases as a result of these snacks. Below are some helpful guidelines that you could use to pick the right treats for your four-footed friends.

When searching for dog treats, the first things that you would have to look at are the personality and health of your pets. Call to mind how active your pets are and if they have any allergy or health issue that you need to attend to. There are some dog food lines that make treats for specific dog breeds, life stages and weight and frequently these specifically formulated treats are composed of ingredients that are warranted safe for the type of dog you have. Even though they are pricey compared to their counterparts, they could definitely give value to your money as they are safe for you pets and respond well to their dietary requirements.

Dog TreatsSuppose that your pets are active and participate in dog competitions, it would be wiser to opt for dog treats that have higher levels of protein and fat than normal canine pets would eat. This is because the excess fat and protein from such treats would give your pets the energy they need to appropriately execute routines. But, if your pets have sensitive stomachs, making them prone to bloating, gas and diarrhea, you must pick treats that have low allergen contents and are made from pure vegetables, meat and poultry that contains vitamin E and devoid of grain ingredients. Keep away from treats that are flavor-based as these products acquire their tastes from synthetic flavoring that could agitate your pets’ stomachs.

Just to make sure about your pets’ health, pick natural treats. Natural treats are high in antioxidants and fiber that could help balance your pets’ diet especially if given in right amounts. The market today is profuse with natural treats from all sorts of canine food brands, but it is suggested to settle for a company that has been known to specialize in premium natural treats like Wysong. Wysong dog food line is one of the companies that spearheaded natural and holistic canine food products that was established by a health professional named Dr. R. Wysong in 1979. They offer a whole range of treats and complete dog meals that could befit all dog breeds and life stages that are made from human-grade quality chicken, beef, venison, fish and vegetables.

dog treatsAs a general rule of practice, table scraps have no place in a nutritionally complete canine food diet and should not be regarded as treats. Regardless how appealing it might be to share food from your table with your pets, avoid doing this practice because not only will you ruin the balance of your pets’ diet, you would also encourage them to beg for scraps, which could fuel other bad habits. Instead of doing this, concoct your own canine treats right in your kitchen, which your pets will surely appreciate and would help you save money. Homemade dog food treats are perhaps the best treats you could spoil your pets with because you can decide which ingredients are appropriate for their diet and you could monitor that quantity of servings that you will feed to them.

When going for homemade dog food and treats, avoid using ingredients like fast food leftovers, chocolates, macadamia nuts and walnuts, onions and garlic, cheese and milk, potato parts, raisins and grapes, salt and any forms of sweeteners and other low quality grains because these items could be detrimental to the health of your pets. Beyond the bounds of the aforementioned ingredients you could use brown or whole wheat flour and regular oatmeal but not the instant ones; broth from boiled poultry, meat and vegetables; protein sources like meat, chicken and fish; and other optional ingredients such as wheat germ, flax seed, beaten eggs and cod liver oil. You couldWysong Dog Food alternately give homemade treats of different recipes to your pets, but make sure that you store them properly so as to prevent them from deteriorating. Allow treats to cool before you pack them and keep them in airtight containers to lock in their freshness and moisture. For treats and biscuits that contain meats, store them in airtight containers and refrigerate them so as to avoid early decay. Of course, before you serve your pets with homemade meals, it is advised to consult first with your pets’ veterinarian to know the right ingredients to include in your pets’ treats or you could also refer to canine food cookbooks written by animal professionals for healthier recipes.

When purchasing dog treats, consider the personality and health of your pet to make the right choice. As much as possible settle for a reliable dog food brand acknowledged for healthy treats like Wysong dog food. If you have some time to spare, why not concoct your pet’s treats in your kitchen? Homemade dog food treats are the best snacks you can provide to your dog as you could personally select the ingredients that you would include in your recipe.

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