Dog Treats – Cater To Your Pet

Dog Treats – Cater To Your Pet

gourmet dog treatsEver heard the phrase “he doesn’t know he is a dog”? Dogs aren’t just “dogs” anymore. They are celebrating their own birthday’s, have Christmas presents, have their own chair to sit in, go where we go, and are considered just as big a part of the family as the kids, grandparents, or crazy Aunt Buhela. Along with their status of family, they also get their own personal gourmet dog treats.

All natural and gourmet treats are increasing in popularity. Most find that dog treats made with ingredients that are similar to those we find in our own food a satisfying change from what is found in commercial brand dog treats that we buy from the stores. Many alternative natural pet diet advocates are extremely pleased with gourmet dog treats, as are pet owners who want nothing more than to give their pet a variety of delicious, nutritious snacks that look better, no matter what they feed their dogs on a daily basis.

At pet food bake shops, dogs can now bring their owners and shop together for their freshly baked doggy dgourmet dog treatsonuts, cakes, brownies, and cookies in all shapes, flavors and sizes. Don’t you have a pet food bakery in your town?

There are a number of ways to get gourmet dog treats for your pet these days. You can find natural, preservative free treats at pet stores, gift shops, supermarkets, department stores and on the Internet. It is also possible to find treats that are vegetarian, low-fat or ones that are specially made for pets that have food allergies.

Be careful with dog treats if your pet is overweight. Remember that “healthy” doesn’t always mean “low calorie.” Although gourmet dog treats are made with healthful, high-quality ingredients, they often contain a lot of fat and calories. If your dog is heavy, check labels and choose treats that are lower in fat, and restrict the amount of treats to less than 10 percent of his daily diet.

If you are a baker by avocation, you can make wonderful doggie treats in your kitchen at home for much less than what you would pay in the store. There are almost certainly a lot of the ingredients for these dog food recipes on the shelves of your pantry right now, particularly if you bake breads regularly.

Flint River Ranch Dog FoodEven though the mixing and baking is similar to regular cookies, they typically take longer to bake because the recipe is greater and the dough is thicker. Flint River Ranch dog food is something else you can try for your dog.

Dogs are no longer called just pets. In many homes, they are actually part of the family. They are considered our fur kids, our babies, and our grand dogs. Many pampered pooches are also eating gourmet dog treats. Many alternative natural pet diet advocates are extremely pleased with the available gourmet options. The food you give your pet is also vital to them enjoying a long life. You can try Flint River Ranch dog food, a completely natural alternative. You can make food from scratch using any of a number of dog food recipes.

– Melinda Smith

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