Have An Obedient Dog by Using Dog Training Treats

Have An Obedient Dog by Using Dog Training Treats

Dog Training TreatsDog Training Treats


Do you ever wonder how those movie dogs ever get to be in the place where they are? How in the world did their trainers ever get them to do those fancy stunts? Is there like a sophisticated training machine you need to buy? Are there manuals upon manuals on how to get your dog to jump over a hoop? Is hypnosis legal for canine use? Wait – let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Many of these experts all have one trade secret in common and it is none other than delicious dog training treats.

Homemade Dog Training Treats

That’s right – this means anybody can have an obedient hound without a lot of trouble. You can use almost anything you can get your hands on. The best thing about it is that it’s not difficult, nor is it super expensive to do. Anyone can find a great homemade dog training treats recipe and they are not that hard to follow.

Recipes for Dog Training Treats

Recipes for Dog Training TreatsThere are a lot of these recipes available online. In fact, most food ingredients that humans eat, are acceptable to the canine palate; although there are some ingredients that have been proven to be toxic for dogs. Research on these particular food substances and take them out of the meals you plan to serve. In addition, dogs need a much higher proportion of protein than do humans, and can exist well without any grains, but certainly need few grain products for a healthy diet.

How about utilizing dog shaped cookie moulds and cutters for that special look? Put a spoonful of peanut butter on the biscuit for that extra oomph. Boil water with garlic and cook some pieces of liver meat in them. Some people I know have said that these taste really good to them!  Or give raw liver, if you prefer. Or dried liver dog training treats.

Keep training sessions around ten to fifteen minutes only. This is sufficient time to keep the dog’s attention; hence increasing over-all efficacy. Use a strong and authoritative voice when voicing your commands. When your dog completes the task you set for him to do, hand feed him his well-deserved cookie.

Merrick Dog Training TreatsAlways keep a bag of these dog training treats wherever you have your pet with you. Training doesn’t stop when the session concludes; you should follow it up throughout the day to cement what you have taught him in the formal training sessions. Be affectionate and treat him with a reward each time he is a good boy so he will associate obedience with pleasant experiences.

This is what operant conditioning is (also loosely referred to as behavior modification) – rewarding your dog for the good behavior displayed. This is a popular training method used by professional trainers everywhere. When you find the particular routine or technique that is effective with your dog, it will be easier to teach him other things. You can apply the same level of training in the more advanced commands.

Great tasting homemade dog treats are a runaway hit to all breeds of dogs. You can make use of these for training but who are we kidding? Feed them these yummy creations just to show him how much you love him!

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