Dog Training Tips – Using Body Language

Dog Training Tips – Using Body Language

Dog Training Tips – Using Body Language to Help with Your Dog’s Training

Training TipsLet’s face it, dogs are in no way stupid, if they were then no one would want them as pets. Sometimes though, dog owners do not give their pet enough credit because just as we can teach them to learn voice commands, they can also learn body language. When you use body language along with spoken commands, training a dog is made much simpler.

One example is that of an overly excited dog who often jumps on any visitor that enters your home. All puppies go through this phase and while most do get rig of it, some others will continue these actions well into adulthood. Every time that a guest makes their way into your home, the puppy will become easily excited regardless of whether they are there to play with the puppy or not.

The puppy wants to know what the guest has to offer them, they want to know if the guest has any treats or even if the person wants to play with them and the easiest way for them to determine this is to simply jump all over anyone who enters the house.

Dog Training TipsAs a result, you start giving the dog a series of commands, even ones that you have never taught the puppy. Every time as your tone becomes firmer and firmer and harsher, so too does the dog become ever more excited. This becomes a vicious and chaotic circle that never ceases until either you throw the dog outside, or the guest leaves.

When you grab the dog and raise your voice, the dog takes this as playing and the more that you do it, the more that he or she becomes excited.

In order to better communicate with your dogs, here are some simple tips.

Rottweiler Dog Training TipsInstead of joining in on the game and making the puppy more excited, you need to take a moment and look at how you approach the situation. How you approach the dog is body language and the dog interprets it much differently than you or I would.

1) When your puppy is doing something that you are not liking, refrain yourself from chasing the puppy around the house and yelling at him or her. While you may interpret this as anger, the dog will see it as you wanting to play right along with them and join in on the game.

2) It is important to remember that you always need to show dominance over the dog, instead of yelling, stand upright and puff out your chest in order to give yourself a larger silhouette and in a very firm voice, reprimand the puppy. The goal is to intimidate, but not to scare the puppy.

3) Remember that while the dog is excited, virtually anything you do can be interpreted as play. Never move quickly and using a smooth toned voice, talk to the dog. The ultimate goal is to show the puppy the behavior you would like him or her to have and make it a game for them; see who can stay the most relaxed.

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