Dog Training Shock Collar

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Dog Training Shock Collar

Dog Training Shock CollarWhat do you think of when you hear dog training shock collar? It sounds like something you will never want to put on your dog. It is an often controversial topic that we will attempt to discuss today.

I think that we all feel that a dog training shock collar is a pretty inhumane form of torture to animal because of how shock collars are parodied in the movies, and because of the name itself. For some people however, shock collars are not only acceptable, but an effective tool in dog training.

For people who advocate the use of shock collars, they stress the responsible and appropriate use of these tools. When it is done correctly, it can modify wrong behavior successfully without really hurting the dog. There are, after all, different levels of intensity in the collar. Trainers or pet owners who use this always set the intensity on low, unless it is hardly felt by the canine.

Dog Training Shock CollarIf you are considering using a shock collar for your dog, you need to thoroughly check with professional trainers who actually use these devices on how to best use them. The collar comes with a separate device which controls the level of shock applied to the collar. Your dog must never see you hold this device or he will be wary and afraid of you.

Now, there might be more people who do not like the thought of fitting their pet with a dog training shock collar. After all, you wouldn’t want to be fitted with one at work would you? Imagine getting a small electric shock in your necktie whenever your boss sees you checking out your Facebook account yeah, that doesn’t sound too pleasant.

People say that a shock collar may prevent your dog from getting into dangerous situations, but there are other alternatives that can also be used. Remember, shock collars are electronic collars, and there are other safer e-collars that are available in the market. You can opt for those that make sounds or vibrate only. These will catch the dog’s attention, without having to give him a mild shock treatment.

Dog Training Shock CollarThere are also health hazards that attach themselves with shock collars. Sometimes faulty collars can shock the dog at random intervals, or worse, act up and cause serious burns on the dog’s neck. Canines that are trained by being punished with pain are reported to be more aggressive or fearful towards people. Even with the best intention, your dog may shut down and stop responding to training with improper and excessive use of shock collar training.

It is more advisable that you apply positive reinforcement for canines. Start them as early as possible so you do won’t have a hard time unlearning bad habits and forming new ones. Puppy training is said to most effective when they are less than a year old. Whatever your stand is with the dog training shock collar, remember to always consult a vet or several expert trainers before proceeding.

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