Dog Testicular Cancer

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Dog Testicular Cancer

Dog Testicular CancerIt is a sad fact but our pets, similar to us humans, are also susceptible to diseases. There is no safeguard to any disease. However, a pet owner, by equipping himself with enough knowledge can help his pet from a trying time. One such dreaded disease that can also develop in pets is the dog testicular cancer. This article will give you an in depth view on the disease, from the different types of testicular cancer down to the symptoms and treatments.

Dog testicular cancer, among unneutered male dogs, are a very common type of cancer. This does not develop in neutered dogs though. Since mostly all male dogs are neutered total number of dogs who suffers from this type of cancer is much less than other types of cancer.

When it comes to the types of dog testicular cancer, there are three types, namely, seminomas, sertoli cell tumors and interstitial cell tumors.

The first one, which is seminomas is a type of tumor which is defined with having an enlargement or swelling in the scrotum and the testicular area. The tumors in seminomas releases estrogen hormones. This cancer among the three is the most likely to metastasized.

The second type of testicular cancer in dogs is the sertoli cell tumors. Similar to the seminomas this is a type of cancer in which there is swelling around the scrotum and testicular area. The only difference in this type is that tumors in a sertoli cell tumor does not release estrogen.

The third type of dog testicular cancer is the interstitial cell tumor. This type of cancer sertoli cell tumorsis considered benign. This cancer does not metastasized or release estrogen into the dog’s body.

The prognosis of testicular cancer in dogs, compared to other cancer types, is often more optimistic. The decreased possibility of having a testicular cancer metastasized gives veterinarians an opportunity to completely rid the dog of the cancer through straight out castration. Such surgery has been noted by professionals to be an effective treatment.

Prevention is always better than cure, so in order to properly take care of your pet dog, make sure to bring him to your trusted veterinarian once he reaches his majority for castration. Such surgical procedure will lessen the chances of your dog suffering from dog testicular cancer. In the end having your veterinarian perform castration will leave your dog happy and your finances intact safe from unwarranted medical expenses.

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