Dog Sickness

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Dog Sickness

Dog SicknessA sick dog is every pet lover’s nightmare. Not only will it put a dent on a one’s pocket, but it will also most definitely cause discomfort and suffering to a pet dog, which is more heartbreaking than the actual bill from the veterinarian.

Unfortunately, our pets our not able to communicate their dog sickness as expressly us one might want them to. A pet owner must be very vigilant when it comes to changes in their dog’s behavior. They must also be aware of the different physical changes that can occur in their pet dog.

Symptoms of dog sickness will manifest themselves in different ways. As a pet owner, one must know what signs to watch out for. The earlier an ailment is discovered the easier the sickness will heal completely. At the same time, the longer a pet owner ignores the symptoms, the harder the sickness will heal.

Dog SicknessThere are a variety of symptoms to watch out for. One of the symptoms is lethargy. This perhaps is the most common symptom. Dogs suffering from sickness will opt to just lie down and move as little as possible. So if your once bubbly and energetic dog has suddenly changed to an irritable and lazy dog, it might already be time to bring him to the veterinarian for a check up.

Another symptom to watch out for is head pressing. As the term connotes, this is the act in which dogs will press their heads on walls, objects, etc. for no apparent reason. This symptom may already indicate neurological problems. Better have your pet check immediately.

Loss of appetite is also an indicator of sickness in your dog. If your once hearty dog has suddenly lost taste for his favorite meal, then perhaps he might be suffering from an endocrine disease.

Still another indicator of sickness is vomiting and diarrhea. If your dog has been suffering diarrhea for three days straight without any signs of showing it will stop anytime soon, then immediately visit yoloss of appetiteur friendly neighborhood veterinarian.

Your pet might be suffering from food poison or stomach/intestine disease. If your dog is constantly coughing for a span of a week, your dog must have caught the flu or worse, your dog could have acquired a respiratory disease. To be sure bring him to the vet for consultation.

Dog sickness is a very serious matter. Our pet dogs our quite the fragile beings, they too can be expose to sickness, at times such exposure even comes from their beloved masters. You are their first line of defense. Your awareness and vigilance are their protection against the dreaded diseases. It is your responsibility to take care of your pet dogs to the best of your ability. This entails that you will be as observant to them as you are to you own baby. Remember, the earlier the sickness is discovered the easier to treat it.

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