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dog groomingDon’t you just love it when someone compliments your dog? You really make an effort to make sure your pet looks beautiful and it feels really good when people recognize it and tell you about it. Well, dog grooming is an essential part of any loving master’s responsibility. Their long hair, while it looks good, should be regularly washed and trimmed. To do this, you need a good pair of dog shears.

Dog shears are special scissors used specifically for grooming canines. It trims away the fur that dog clippers cannot reach like the area around the eyes, nose, ears and genitalia. You need to be very careful in using shears because you will be dealing with extra sensitive parts of the dog. You also have to make sure that the shears that you use are of the highest quality so you will not endanger your dog when grooming him.

What do you look for in dog shears? There are many brands and types of shears in the market today. If you are a professional groomer, you may have more than one kind of shear that you use. However, for the typical household, one or two shears are usually enough.

Dog ShearsYou can buy shears online. There are great dog grooming products that are available in the links in this article today. You can find shears, clippers, dryers, and brushes– all of excellent quality. There are several kinds and styles included in the product list so find out what you need before making a decision on what to buy.

How do you use shears? First, shampoo your dog. Dry them well before you attempt to cut their hair. Sit your dog on a large cloth that will catch the fur being sheared off. Keep your dog in place by tying his leash to a hook and securing the other end in his dog collar. The tension of the leash shouldn’t be too tight that it makes him uncomfortable, but not too loose that he can run off to different directions while you are grooming him.

Talk soothingly to the dog and hold him against your body in one hand. With the other hand, start running the clippers along the fur, starting with the belly. Brush away excess hair. Then use the shears to gently cut away longer hair around his face and backsDog Shearside. Make sure that the dog is very still as you attempt to shear him. If you have a person with you, he/she can hold your dog as you concentrate on giving him a thorough shearing.

Make it a point to check if the dog shears you have purchased fit your hand nicely. If you can, choose a pair that is not too heavy because it may cause you to have hand cramps. Replace old shears regularly because worn ones lose its sharpness. Dull blades may cause you to keep going back to the same area of hair to cut, giving you a bigger chance of nipping your dog.

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