Dog Obedience Classes

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Dog Obedience Classes

Dog Obedience ClassesDog obedience classes are a good idea for pet owners, especially first-time dog guardians. Obedience training is one of the best things you can invest in for both your dog and yourself. While obedience training cannot solve all behavior problems, they do address most of them and the commands and habits that your dog will learn can help solve other behavioral issues.

Even domesticated and selectively bred, dogs are still animals and they will behave like animals unless they are taught better. They will chew, bark and maybe even bite strangers unless corrected. Moreover, dogs were bred to work, be it hunting or sledding or guarding. But today’s dogs are more often than not left inside the house with nothing to do. Dogs will get bored and so they might get into all sorts of trouble. Dog obedience classes will give your dog something to do as well as build up his confidence.

Obedience training is also a great way to reinforce the hierarchy of your pack. You see, dogs are not lone wolves. They are used to being in a family, called a pack. When you adopted your dog, he became part of your pack. Now, these packs have a leader – that one dog that tells the others what to do and looks out for them. If you don’t establish early on that you are his pack leader, your dog will try to take that role and would put himself in charge. You wouldn’t get very far in giving him commands after that. But when you train your dog, you are establishing yourself as the leader and teaching him the commands that he needs to follow as part of your pack. Make no mistake though, even if you are teaching your dog to be submissive, obedience training should be a fun and positive activity for both of you. Training is a way for your to understand each other.

Obedience trainingUnless you already have a great experience with training, you should probably check out the nearest dog obedience classes being held in your neighborhood. Training your dog is your responsibility but enrolling in some basic classes will teach you how to better work with your canine. The classes will teach you and your pet the basics then further training can be done at home. The trainer will demonstrate and you should be able to learn what commands to use, how to teach the commands to your pet and how to praise or reward your pet for each successfully executed command.

Before enrolling in any class, it would be best if you could take some time to research and check out the school. Check if they have any credentials or certifications. While it is not necessary, it would be best if they have been assessed and accredited by a Club or Association. Next, check their schedule. You wouldn’t want to enroll only to find that you would be unable to attend. Remember, the classes need both you and your dog there. Next, talk with the teachers. See if you can establish rapport and if you like their teaching methods. Try dropping in during one of the sessions so you’ll have a basic overview of what to expect. You can also take this time to speak with the other dog owners already enrolled and ask for their experience.

Obedience training should be done as early as possible    but even older dogs can learn new tricks. It is a rewarding activity that enriches the bond between you and your beloved pet and helps you understand each other better. Joining dog obedience classes will put you in the right frame of mind as well as help you understand your dog and ultimately how to train him better.

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