Dog Leash Training

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Dog Leash TrainingWe do our best to keep our dog healthy and spend quality time with him. One of the ways we do this is by taking walks with him outdoors it’s a great way to exercise them so they can maintain their recommended weight. The problem is that this is not always the easiest thing to do if a dog is always running about. It can cause him to get into accidents. If you want a good way to solve this problem, find out more about dog leash training and how you can do it to your dog today.

The first thing you need to do is acquaint your dog with the leash. Nobody wants to feel repressed or held back, even more so with our adventurous and highly excitable mutts. Get them to wear the leash loosely around their necks for a while before starting dog training. You don’t want to spring this on them suddenly and cause them to view their leash with distrust.

After having your dog walk around with a loose leash around his neck, take the leash in your hand and move around with him slowly. Do this indoors first because there are too many distracting elements outside that will catch his attention. Since you’ll be using doggie treats for your dog training, you won’t have tDog Leash Trainingo compete with other things to get his attention back to you.

As you walk around with him with a leash, there will come a point where he will get restless and get antsy. When he does, stay calm and do not allow him to lead the direction of your walk. Gently guide him in the paths you want to take. Praise him when he follows your leading and stay calm and collected when you correct his jumpy and restless behavior.

The leash shouldn’t be too lengthy. He should be walking only a few feet in front of you. You must be able to give him clear instructions and basic commands, which hopefully by now he knows how to accomplish. Encourage him by using the doggie treats as rewards for accomplishing the commands you have asked of him.

Dog Leash TrainingIf all is going well, then it’s time to take him outside. Bring him to a quiet outdoor area first where there are not a lot of sights and smells to get him excited. If he attempts to go over some interesting matter, gently tug at the leash to rein him back in place. Keep the leash loose when he is doing well. If he insists on pulling on the leash and going to the direction you don’t want, then stand still and wait for him to stand still with you. When he does, then you can start walking again.

Be patient in dog leash training. Do not yell or correct your dog too harshly or else this will become a bad experience, subsequently making dog training even more difficult. Most of all have fun and spend quality time with your dog. If this is your aim, everything else will fall into place. Enjoy!

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