Dog Issues

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Dog Issues

Dog IssuesThough having a pet dog could prove to be a fun and exciting experience, a pet owner should still be ready for dog issues. Like in all relationships the good will always be accompanied by the bad. A pet owner must then be ready to take on the challenges of dog issues such as dog behavioral problems. They must equip themselves with the know-how on why dogs exhibit such behavior and how to prevent such behavior from happening again.

Among the top persistent issues that need to be dealt with is barking. It is a common dog behavior. All dogs will bark from time to time. However, if the barking escalates to excessive, this could already be sign of a behavioral problem. Before taking action, a pet parent must first identify why your dog is barking in the first place.

dogs bark excessivelyThere are a number of reasons why dogs bark excessively. It could be because your dog is feeling excited and playful. Perhaps your dog wants your attention or he may be experiencing boredom. It could also mean that your pet might be suffering from anxiety. And the most common reason a dog might bark unreasonably is because he is alerting you to something; he might be sensing an intruder in your house. Dog owners must train their dogs to stop barking unduly by combining patience and strictness in dealing with their well-loved pets.

Another dog behavioral issue is chewing. Dog chewing is a normal part of dog’s life. Dogs were born in this world with chewing as an integral part of their genetic code. However, if chewing becomes destructive and the pet owner is left to deal with slobbered on and broken furniture, then it might be time to step in and assess how you could help and stop this destructive mode.

In order to avoid this form of behavior, provide your dog with a lot of chew toys. Train and teach him that chewing on items apart from the chew toys is an unacceptable behavior. With time and patience your dog will learn what they can and cannot chew on.

dog diggingFor people with a backyard, they might encounter digging- another dog issue, in their beloved pets. Dogs, given a chance, love to dig. This can be a result of too much energy, boredom and just plain old love of dirt. This can get really frustrating, especially to people who has devoted time and energy in cultivating a garden in their backyard. For you to avoid this from happening yet again, give your dog extra training and exercise so that you can channel his energy away from digging.

Perhaps the most frustrating might be inappropriate urination and defecation. Though this is a normal behavior for puppies inappropriate elimination is not considered normal in mature dogs. In order to deal with this problem seek your veterinarian’s help. Identify if the behavior is cause by a health problem or a mental problem. If it proves to be a psychological problem, a serious behavioral modification might be in order.

The key to solving dog issues is to thoroughly understanding them and into assessing where the problem lies. It will take patience and effort but given time pet owners will be able to solve their beloved’s dog behavioral problems. For problems beyond their control professionals will be there to help their pet achieve a behavioral modification.

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