Dog Information on Food Allergies

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Dog Information on Food Allergies

Dog Allergies

Dog Allergies

Not only do dog allergies refer to our allergies to dog hair and dander, but also to dog’s allergies to things in their environment, such as chemicals, pollution and food. Dog allergies can manifest themselves in skin problems, like itching and hair loss, and in more advanced cases, loose bowel movements and vomiting.

Dog Allergies to Food

Dogs sometimes develop allergies to foods they have been eating for a long time, and it’s not always easy to identify which component of ingredient is the real cause. If you suspect that your dog suffers from allergies of any kind, it is best to first visit your vet for allergy testing and dog information, and advice on how to treat them.

Be armed with reliable dog information about dog food and health, from reliable sources. for example, corn and wheat are grains that are unnecessary in your dogs’ diets. They are used as low-cost fillers and are a bog source of canine allergies. Chemicals are another problem, and if these are what’s making your dog sick, you might choose to switch to organic dog food to avoid them altogether.

Make Your Own Dog Food to Avoid Dog Allergies to Food

Making your own dhomemade dog foodog food is the best way to really isolate all of the ingredients being fed to our pets. There are many sources of dog information on dog food recipes and how to prepare them. Protein, vegetables and a carbohydrate source like sweet potatoes are the essential components of a well-balanced dog food.

Here’s one dog food recipe that your pooch is sure to love. Take one pound of turkey meat and sautee in olive oil. Then, add another pound of cooked, mixed vegetables. Add potatoes (1/2 to 1 cup) and bone meal or a dog vitamin supplement.

After feeding your pet a balanced home made or organic diet, you might first notice some of the more superficial signs of improvement. Your pet’s coat might become softer and smoother, and his mood might improve too. But these are nothing compared to the benefits to your dogs’s lifespan, and overall well-being.

Dog allergies sometimes manifest themselves over time, triggered by components in dog food, and environmental factor. By feeding your dog organic dog food and preparing home made dog food recipes, you can avoid some of the possible allergy triggers, which include grains, and chemicals used in commercial dog food preparation. Remember to consult with your veterinarian for dog information on allergies and nutrition

– Melinda Smith

For more dog food recipes, discover 180 Gourmet Recipes for Dogs – your dog will thank you and his dog allergies are likely to improve as well!

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2 thoughts on “Dog Information on Food Allergies

  1. Betty Stenzel

    My 60-lb Aussie has lawn allergies. It’s impossible to keep him off grass 100% of the time. Commercial OTC antihistamines do not seem to work. Some natural remedies take 90 drops a day! Do you have a product that is easier to administer? I’ve eliminated any possible food allergies. My pet eats organic and natural foods, no grains. His symptoms only occur when he’s been on the lawn.


    Go to this website: they have a good treatment plan on treating allergies. I paid for a consultation and it was well worth the money. My dog has food and out door/in door allergies and I used a combanation of drops (not 90 a day), which you can drop in a spoon full of canned sweet potato pie mix (not the instant) and I also give her one capsule of Immunitone plus, which workswell (also provided by the wesite). I also tried a few different antihistamines before I found one that worked, which was benadryl but now I use this other stuff.

    Hope this helps,

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