Dog Information: What You Really Need To Know About Dog Food Products

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dog informationNot all dog food products are alike; each package and brand has enormous quality differences. What is terrifying, however, is the fact that the cliche garbage in, garbage out is appropriate for many dog food products today. With the wide selection of dog food products, making an informed decision is truly difficult. Therefore, it is vital to look at dog information so as to have a holistic idea about the right dog food to give to your pet.

Based on effective dog information created by many veterinarians themselves, it has always been stated that when choosing a food for your dog, you should disregard advertisements and prices. They are not valid criteria for appropriate selection. Written at the back of every canine food package are information that could help you make an informed decision regarding your dog food choice. Most of the time these lists contain the ingredients’ guaranteed analysis of crude protein, fiber, fat, moisture, and ash as well as the ratios of calcium, phosphorous and magnesium.

It is important to inspect these information in order to know if your chosen dog food has dangerous ingredients that could be detrimental to the health of your furry friend. In some instances, you may also find a label on the ingredients’ information that indicates the food is nutritionally complete or contains 100% nutrition for your dog. In order to make this claim, the food has to meet the nutritional standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officers (AAFCO)””a governing body that guarantees that the dog food product had underwent some form of testing. One example of a Life's Abundance Dog Foodcommercial dog food line approved by AAFCO is Pedigree dog food. However, such dog food is certainly not made from human quality ingredients – or even in many pet lovers’ opinions, pet quality ingredients. Why would you feed your dog food that is full of ingredients you would never consider giving to him just because they have all be mixed together and called “pet food”. In summary, then, meeting the AAFCO nutritional standards does not totally guarantee that a dog food is appropriate for your dog.

Aside from settling with commercial food brands, pet owners still have other options. Organic or natural canine food products are also preferable choices in order to gives emphasis to your pet’s health. Basically, organic or natural dog food diets are made from human-quality ingredients, which means they have no dyes, additives, or any synthetic preservatives. These natural food products are designed to meet your pet’s nutritional and health needs. Noteworthy dog food line of this category is the Lifes Abundance Dog Food.

Also adherent to AAFCO protocols, food products from Lifes Abundance are proven 100% nutritionally sound. They make use of veterinarian formulated products and do not use any inferior grains that could affect your pet’s health adversely. Equipped with modern technology, this food line also made sure that their products are quality controlled before they are released in the market. Aside from AAFCO, the products of Lifes abundance are also recognized by the Animal Plant and Health Inspection Services (APHIS), making them one of the premier dog food providers in canine food market.

pedigree dog foodAll in all, your dog is more than just an animal; he is also a member of the family that needs to be properly taken care of to ensure his health and safety. At a minimum, try to read important dog information before you purchase a dog food so that you can make informed decisions. Better yet, feed him food that is made from human quality ingredients. By doing this you can be assured that you would be enjoying the company of your beloved pet for years to come.

Understanding dog information of dog food products is necessary in order to ensure the health of your pet. Nutritional standards set by AAFCO are one indication that the food was tested. However, dog products that are AAFCO approved like Pedigree dog food does not necessarily imply that it is appropriate for your dog. Just to be sure, feed your dog healthier options such as Lifes Abundance Dog Food or Honest Kitchen dog food, as they are organic and made from human-quality ingredients.

– Melinda Smith

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