Dog Information: Bones And Raw Food Are A Good Nutritional Choice

dog foodHelping you to select a healthy dog food for your pet …

There are many myths which are frequently associated with different brands dog foods. This dog information will help you to choose a healthy diet to your dog.


There are a wide variety of options available for dog food. You will see them in grocery stores, pet stores, and online. Some types of dog foods include holistic dog food, natural dog food, and organic dog food. The main two types of dog foods are those that are dry and an uncooked, raw dog food diet known as BARF. BARF, the second option, is the healthiest food option to feed your dog.

Most dogs today are fed a diet that consists mainly of dry dog food. The availability along with the small amount of time it takes to prepare and the low level of difficulty is what draws today’s working men and women to use it.

The egregious number of dog information half-truths promulgated by the main pet food brands in regards to their products is very concerning. The issue, really, has to do with what those big brands are not telling us.

How Food Impacts Your Dog’s Health

Your dog’s health can really suffer if you choose any of the dreadful dog food brands that are sold at your local stores. You can find some great dry foods out there, but they are few and hard to find. In order to select the best food for your dog’s needs, it is essential for you to do a dog food comparison of different companies.

dog foodAnother kind of dog food listed above is known as the Bones And Raw Food, or BARF, diet. Overall, this is the best food you can give your dog. The idea is that your dog will get most of its nourishment from foods that are as close to nature as possible. These include beef, liver, bones, heart, and tongue, with some human-grade foods added for the dog’s benefit. The BARF diet is easy, as well; you can buy all of the ingredients yourself or purchase ready-made patties for convenience. You should consider it when doing a dog food comparison.

Reliable Information is Key

The need for reliable dog information   is great.

At HealthierDogs we aim to provide information about the types and quality of dog food available. In addition to the traditional dry dog food and uncooked food diets, holistic dog food, organic dog food, and natural dog food are also important to know about. This dog food comparison article lets you know that there is both misinformation and lack of information on the subject. Many of the brands sold at your local stores are of poor quality.

The Bones and Raw Food Diet (BARF) is a diet for your dog that is natural, wholesome, and convenient.

– Melinda Smith

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4 thoughts on “Dog Information: Bones And Raw Food Are A Good Nutritional Choice

  1. GENEdina Pabustan

    My koko (shitztu)has an skin allergy . She has a supplement when she just a year old but she doesn’t want any now and this supplement is good for her skin . What do u suggest she too picky. Do u have a recipe for a sensitive skin because I cook her food too.

  2. Alberta Dover

    I suggest you read the books listed: “Protect Your Pet” by Ann N. Martin which has much documented reasons why raw meats and bones are more harmfull than good and why the for Barf diet is said healthier by what means they tested which only include buried bones by a dog to return t eat later to be harmfull and not include the raw meat or bones not buried. More Vets say no to raw bones then ever due to harm done to animals and even has killed them puncturing the intestines. They see his every day in practice. Next read “Foods Pet Die For” by Ann N. Martin and find out the facts on Solid Gold and tha i is changing all the time to oher pet food processors, now a Diamond which had many recalls of their brands of foods and all the foods are run on same lines so pick up bacterias. Wellness is also made at Menu where the largest pet foods recall were made. It is a good formula but fail to move to a great facility for making it. Drs. Foster and had Wellnes or sale thru them for awhile some years back. Now they make their own food for dogs and cats and is very similar to Wellness formula and has all humane grade chicken and no bi products in it and the same veg. and fruits as Wellness. They are at the facility where their food is made that had no recalls all the time personally envolved. I began using this food a fw months back and it is excellent and the cost is way less than Wellness yet near the same formula. They have the most reasonable shipping costs too than any others do. Plus they have discounts on case prices of 2 choices of weights of food or can buy single bags of assorted sizes. I buy 2 30# bags monthly and with shipping is $64.98 delivered to my door 4 days after I order it. They are in Wisconsin far north from me in Texas by FedEx. Ann N. Martin is a digger to the truth with these companies. I do add a hard boiled egg to my dogs dry food to add fresh protien and all the amino acids any human or dog need in total complete form to be sure. And 2 times a week Cooked ground Turkey as extras for them. Ann N. Martin even went to Drs. Foster and Smith for answers to research qustion in her book,”Foods Pets Die For” also. has these 2 books in stock. They are not expensive.

  3. Susan Morris

    Your site has mentioned BARF in the past. What exactly does it entail? For a given weight of dog how many bones do you feed it, how many veggies, should the bones be whole or crushed, what about complex carbs like potatoes? you also mention patties. Is there a company out there who is doing the dirty work and selling a partially processed version of BARF?

  4. judy

    we have a shi-tzu that was found on the new,york highway 2 yrs ago and is about 8-10 yrs old,with poor sight and hearing. after reading about the barf diet for dogs I’d be willing to try it. We have gone through just about every kind of dog food for her with little success except some cans of “mighty dog”. She insists on “people food”so occasionally we mix just a little in her own food in order for her to eat. Sometimes she’ll go 2 days without eating if we don’t! Any suggestions???

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