Dog Information and Its Role in Dog Health

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Dog InformationIt is very seldom that people give deeper consideration to the kind of dog food they give their dog, let alone the extent to which their ingredients and nutritional value directly influence their dog’s health. As such, the common practice is to rely solely on mass-produced dry pellets or canned food, yet many brands are made without any consideration for the nutritional well-being of dogs. So if you truly care for your fuzzy companion, then you should take his health seriously and feed him natural dog food.

To be fair, the reason why the dominant brands of dog products continue to sell is because of the convenience they give dog owners. Dry dog food can be left out for days in the feeding dish, which means there is no need to watch over the dog to ensure he finishes his meal. He or she can merely come and go at his stomach’s urging. Canned food on the other hand, keeps fresh unopened and ensures a moist and tasty meal no matter how long they’re been in the pantry.

That said there are some who would contend that natural dog food is merely a trendy fad spawned from the same hippie urges that have made organic produce and fair trade so fashionable. The reality of the matter is that the convenience of commercial dog food comes at a price. Most brands are filled with disgusting animal by-products, unhealthy gluten and other components not suitable for consumption by dogs.

The lack of attention which dog product manufacturers as well as consumers give towards dog information also impedes our collective ability to ensure the well-being of our canine companions. Because no two dogs have the same physiology, it is critical to have access to dog information from a veterinarian or an animal nutritionist to ensure that your dog is fed the right type of dog products, as various brands use different components that may have varying effects on your dog.

Honest Kitchen Dog FoodThe best way to overcome this hurdle is to ensure that you purchase dog food from a company that puts a premium on dog information through transparency and simplicity of product, rather than obfuscate the contents of their products. One such company is Honest Kitchen, which specializes in taking fresh natural ingredients such as real meat and organic grain and putting them in a dehydration process. They are notable for their track record of comprehensive ingredient reporting which has earned them the approval of consumer and environmental watchdog groups.

Canidae Dog Food, on the other hand, specializes in wholesome meals that have all the storage convenience of both types of dog food, but with all the aesthetic qualities of human grade food. Their products are free of preservatives, hormones, animal by-products and chemical additives. This is further accounted for on their website, which speaks truth to power by listing all the ingredients and components used in their products.

This article introduces readers to the importance of a dog’s nutritional well-being and the role which dog food plays in this matter. However, dog owners have difficulty giving dog health their full attention due to prevailing lack of dog information. Fortunately, companies like Honest Kitchen and Canidae Dog Food recognize the importance of this information and supply products and information to ensure pet owners make informed purchasing decisions.

– Melinda Smith

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