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Here at Healthier Dogs, you can be assured that you’ll be finding lots of information on dog health. How else will you be able to make your dog healthier without knowing a lot about dog health? Exactly!

Over the past 13 years Iwe’ve built up the Healthy Happy Dogs site, which is a site dedicated to dog health. And if you requested the free dog health report over there, and have been receiving the Healthy Happy Dogs dog health newsletter, you’ll know that dog health is a real passion of mine.

Dog HealthI don’t pretend to have any expertise, of course – and let me state again that I am not a vet and nor do I have any veterinary training or knowledge whatsoever. I’m simply a dog owner and dog lover, and any dog health information I share with my readers, whether here at Healthier Dogs, or at Healthy Happy Dogs, is simply my own non-expert opinions, suggestions and recommendations. You should always, always consult your vet if you have any health concerns in relation to your dog. Never seek to rely on advice obtained over the internet from unqualified persons like myself.

Whew! Now I’ve got that out of the way …

If you’re interested in holistic health for your dog, and using natural diet and natural remedies wherever possible, you’ve come to the right place.

The majority of vets, believe it or not, are still not taught about animal nutrition in vet school, and the schools that do teach it are likely to receive funding from commercial pet food manufacturers for those sectors of the course.

Likewise, veterinary pharmaceutical companies fund a lot of veterinary training, and once a vet has qualified, he/she is likely to update their knowledge with information from those pharmaceutical companies. So of course, the vast majority of vets are unlikely to favor natural remedies and treatments, partly because they just don’t have the requisite knowledge about such alternatives. Dog Health

Holistic vets, on the other hand (and there aren’t many of them around) will look at ways to keep the dog healthy in the first place, rather than focusing on fixing dog health problems as they arise.

And this is the approach I personally favor.

So if you’re a fan of commercial pet food, drugs, chemicals and annual vaccinations for pets, you probably won’t find a lot of information here that will interest you.

But if you’re looking to keep your dog healthy by natural means, and hopeful treat dog health problems that may arise from time to time with herbs, homeopathy and other natural remedies, then you’re going to love Healthier Dogs.

So bookmark the Healthier Dogs site, and come back often. We’ll be updating it very frequently – as often as daily, when we can.


5 thoughts on “Dog Health

  1. Rick

    Hello Brigitte,

    In my last post I was asking about the natural flea and tick options to replace the Frontline Plus that I use and I decided to go with a topical called Natural Defense. I have it ordered but havent received. Also from what I had researched myself about vaccinations for our pets..and after reading your research…When my border collie is due again…she will not be receiving them..

    Also I just received your latest Healthy Happy Dogs newsletter and once again, you tell me what I had recently read about Heartgard and such….So I checked out the product that you mentioned.. Parasite Dr. but was a little confused about the dosage..I thought you were saying you liked it because you give it everyday….but this e-mail I got back from Parasite Dr. says that you give it for 3 weeks every 6 months….I think thats what im reading…(see their message to me below):

    ” Hi Rick

    Thank you for your query. Parasite Dr. should initially be dosed every 3 weeks and then the 3 week course repeated every 6 months as a preventative measure.
    Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

    Parasite Doctor advice ”

    Anyway my question to you is you give the Parasite Dr. to your pets 365 days a year or as the e-mail suggested…Maybe im just turned around…The product is a little pricey given everyday…but of course I cant put a price on Sadie Mays head.

    Your doing great work Brigitte and doing a valuable service to us pet owners…Thanks…I dont know how this product deception can continue towards or family members we call our pets!


  2. Brigitte Smith

    Hello Rick,

    I’m so glad you’re looking into natural alternatives for your dog’s health. I know Sadie May will benefit from it.

    As for the heartworm prevention – Parasite Dr – yes, when used as a prevention the recommendation is that you only need to give it for a three 3 week period once every 6 months.

    You must have misunderstood what I was saying, as when I was talking about the daily dose, I was referring to a conventional heartworm prevention chemical tablet.

    I’ve now clarified that aspect, and updated the post about heartworm prevention. Thanks for pointing out the confusion.


  3. Rick

    Hello Brigitte,
    Thanks for your reply, I just placed my order for Parasite Dr. So Sadee May is of today chemical free..Natural Defense & garlic and yeast plus tabs for flees and ticks…Parasite Dr for her heartworm and others. And NO MORE vaccinations! The left over Heartgard and Frontline is going out with the garbage and I cant wait to have my conversation with Sadees vet on our next visit. Hes a good guy and a good vet but I will have to bust him a little.
    Hey im 51 and Sadee is 6..she might just make it as long as I do!
    You have a great day.

  4. Brigitte Smith

    Hello Rick,

    That’s fantastic! All natural remedies for your dog is just great. If your vet is open to alternatives at all, he should be reasonably content with what you’re doing. He might give you a speech, but if he accepts your decision in the end result, that’s all you really want. And if he doesn’t, then you might want to look for a vet who will.

    I was surprised by my vet’s reaction when I decided to stop all the chemicals, poisons, drugs and vaccinations with my dogs – only once have I had an adverse comment, and this was by a locum vet – she really told me off – said I was being irresponsible, etc., etc., etc.

    But the two permanent vets I’ve seen where I take my dogs have been very good. They advocate annual vaccinations for pets, but put up no argument when I said “No”. They try to prescribe steroids at every opportunity, but accept my decision not to give steroids to my dogs.

    What does that tell you about the real need for these products?

    It tells me that they’re not essential at all.

    Don’t get me wrong – I do believe that medication has its place and may be required in certain instances. But if I can avoid using chemicals and poisons on my dogs’ skin and insides, I will.

    Let us know your vet’s reaction when you take Sadee for her next visit.


  5. fabienne therrien

    Is there a natural product that can treat successfully the parasite “Giardia lamblia”. Not 100% sure if that is what my dog has, but he sure has all the symptoms. Would the product Parasite Dr help?

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