Dog Health Problems

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Dog Health Problems

Dog Health ProblemsDogs are a loveable breed – the prevalent pet of choice for most people. As such, studies on dog health problems abound that will help pet owners understand potentially harmful diseases and what can be done to prevent and cure them effectively.

There are several kinds of dog diseases. A lot of them are caused by contaminated organisms that disrupt the system of the canine by infecting them. Fleas and ticks, examples of pesky organisms, are more often remedied through medicated soaps and shampoos that specifically deal with these external parasites.

Tapeworms, hookworms, heartworms and intestinal worms are internal parasites that merit more concern because they do not manifest immediately, instead work inside and do even more damage. These parasites cause our pet’s severe pain especially in the latter stages. Avoid this by providing a clean environment and a healthy diet for your dog every day.

Viral diseases also make its way into destroying a dog’s immune system. Canine viral diseases include distemper, herpesvirus, parvovirus, canine influenza and hepatitis. Perhaps the most commonly known of all is rabies. Dogs catch this by being bitten by infected dogs, raccoons, bats and cats. Have your animals vaccinated for rabies regularly for you and your pet’s protection.

Any alterations in your dog’s behavior that is not brought about by natural conditions, like the atmosphere or presence of a new animal or person – must be observed very closely. There are many dog diseases; but if you can take note of common dog symptoms correctly and in a timely manner, you may save your dog from a lot of pain.

Dog Health ProblemsChanges like depression, restlessness, weight loss, shaking and falling, lethargy and sleepiness should raise a red flag to pet owners. Wait for any improvements for a few days and keep their environment as stress free as possible so as not to aggravate their condition. Record the period when the change began and the patterns, if any, of this new behavior. If the canine still exhibits the worrisome symptoms, go to the vet for a check-up.

Canines cannot adequately communicate whatever discomfort they may be feeling. Some breeds in particular have a high threshold for pain so finding out the source of their problem is challenging to their owner. Other than crying and yelping that dogs do, see their posture and how they carry themselves. If they are stooped forward and lick at parts of their bodies – it is most likely the cause of the pain.

Loss of appetite, hair loss, lumps and discolorations in the canine’s skin, coughing, vomiting and a foul smell in the ears, eyes and nose are other dog symptoms that you should be aware of. Also, dogs that are sick will strain to urinate and only in small amounts so watch out for this. Look out for any discharge in the eyes and nose as well.

Dog health problems are a cause of concern but can be addressed easily once the correct prognosis has been confirmed. Take regular trips to the vet to make certain that any infection is determined early on so your pet’s well-being is protected and safe guarded at all costs.

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