Dog Health Issues

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Dog Health Issues

Dog Health IssuesDog health issues are often talked about in dog sites and pet forums. There are  a lot of pet owners out there who wonder about the condition of their pets, and they want to make sure that they give the best possible care for their pets.

When it comes to dog health issues, it is important to know what is normal dog behavior and appearance and what is not. It is easier to spot if your dog is sick if you know what a happy and healthy dog looks like, right? So what are the characteristics of a healthy dog?

– A healthy dog has good skin. This is oftentimes a challenge because fleas are one of the most common  problems in the canine world. Groom your dog regularly and check for flea bites, wounds and hot spots that may be a source of pain for your dog.

– When a dog has healthy skin, it is likely that he has a thick and shiny fur. You cannot have good hair without good skin after all. Some dogs have dense undercoat and some breeds shed more often than others. However, many times is a dog is stressed, he may shed more often than normal. Research on the type of shedder your dog is so you have an idea on what to expect from them. healthy dog

– Normal dogs will have clear eyes, nose and ears. Ear infections are one of the most common dog health issues as well. Clean his ears often, and check if his eyes are clear and there are no unusual discharge in his eyes and nose. Look out for rancid smell in his orifices as well. Good dog dental health is quite important and you must check his mouth regularly to maintain good health.

– Apart for the more laidback breeds, normal dogs are often upbeat, very energetic and affectionate. If your dog is intolerant to touch or exercise, it is cause for alarm. They will most likely be in pain, and you will know what part is painful because the dog will protect it from being touched. Lethargy, depression and slow of movement is a sure sign that your pet is suffering from a sickness.

healthy dog – Dogs have healthy appetites and normal elimination habits. If your dog seems to find out what is wrong specifically with ave lost interest in eating, or have increased or decreased urination and defecation, then you will need to bring him to the vet right away. Also check if his poop or urine has an unusual smell or appearance. This will help your dog.

What do you do when your dog shows signs of being sick? It is very important that you bring your dog to the vet right away. Yes, you may have correct assumptions on what your dog may be suffering from, but inaccurate diagnosis and treatment may make his condition even worse than before. Do not take the risk and have a reliable vet complete a thorough examination on your pet as soon as possible before dog health issues escalate.

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