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The Best Dog Health Diagnosis Is From Your Vet

Dog Health DiagnosisYour dog is more than your pet. He is your best friend, companion, and protector. When he is not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is worry that there is something seriously wrong. Therefore, off you go to the veterinarian for a dog health diagnosis.

This really should be done on a regular basis (annually is highly recommended) instead of waiting until your dog is actually sick. Your veterinarian can help you to know which things to look for if you suspect that your dog is ill. On basic trips to the vet, your dog should have several things done to keep him healthy to start with.

Vaccinations are controversial. Several diseases are the culprits behind many dog deaths, but whether [tag]vaccinations[/tag] are required in adult dogs is greatly in dispute. Your dog may be required by law to have his rabies shots, but other vaccines are not usually a requirement (except by a large proportion of boarding kennels).

Keeping your dog free from fleas is important to his health. Similarly other parasites such as worms of the various types, including heart worm.

Older dogs can have asthma or even a form of Alzheimer’s which is best treated by your vet. The importance of having regular check-ups for your faithful friend cannot be stressed enough, particularly if he has already been diagnosed with some type of health problem. But that said, don’t overlook the possibility of treating many of these dog health diagnoses with natural remedies. Always discuss with your vet, but by the same token, don’t go to a vet who doesn’t have an open mind to alternative treatments.

Many times dogs can get the same types of illnesses people get. From a common cold to full-fledged fevers, even cancer. So one of the most important things that you can do to make sure your pet is in the best health he can be is to have regular check-ups.

Dog Health DiagnosisWhen you keep your pet in the best health he can be by getting check-ups on a regular basis, he will be much happier and so will you. Having a dog that mopes or acts like he does not feel well is worrisome. Just like a child who is too young to tell you what is bothering him/her, when your dog does not feel well, he cannot tell you his stomach hurts or his head hurts.

He is relying on you to make sure he is healthy the same as he depends on you for being fed, walked, bathed, and loved. There are many things you can do to keep your friend feeling great and preventing serious illness. Your vet may recommend natural remedies to keep your dog in top health.

Making sure his diet is one that is recommended for his age and his particular needs can make the difference between having an energetic, healthy pet and one that does not feel like playing or leaving his bed. You should avoid commercial brands of dog food that have high concentrates of sugar and preservatives. Exercise cannot be stressed enough, and look at it this way. It is as healthy for you as it is for your dog.

A dog health diagnosis is the way to make sure there are no problems, even if they are little ones that could turn into something more serious later. After all, if you find out a few things about how to keep your dog healthy and happy, he will be around for a long time to be a faithful companion to you. He will love you unconditionally, greet you when you come home, and best of all, he will always be your friend.

5 thoughts on “Dog Health Diagnosis

  1. steve

    Does anyone have any info or tips on boxers who have fast heart pulputations? The DR. said it’s not cardiomyopathy yet but it might lead to that.

  2. Helen James

    Hi Brigitte Thanks for your articles. I was interested in your views on annual boosters, and have often wondered if they are completely necessary in old dogs. I think the one against wells disease from rats is quite essential. I usually get the vacinations every year as both my dogs are Therapy dogs and visit a hospital on a weekly basis. joy is a 13 year old collie and Jack an 8 year old King Charles Spaniel.

  3. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Helen,

    Everyone must make their own decision for their own dogs. But to my mind the evidence is overwhelming, if not conclusive, that the standard annual vaccinations are not required – once every 3 years is ample, once every 5 years is very likely sufficient, and never in adult dogs is probably quite adequate.

    Also, vaccinating older dogs compounds the possibility of ill effects from the vaccinations simply because the dog is older and the body is not as strong as it is in a young dog. Please discuss the issue with your vet, and if your vet says the annual shots are necessary, ask WHY. Ask for evidence (there is none that I know of), and then make your own decision.


  4. Penni Harris

    Hi Brigitte

    I have a senior Jack Russell – just turning 14yrs and he has a few bumps on his skin which I have check reguarly by his vet.

    I am interested in Goji Juice for Dogs – could you advise where I could get this for him – I live in Launceston, Tasmania

    Thank you
    I enjoy your emails

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