Dog Health Coughing

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Dog Health Coughing

happy and active dogAlthough our dogs are generally happy and active, this doesn’t mean that they are exempt from sicknesses and viruses. A common ailment that affects dog health is coughing. While this is not life threatening in any way, it can prove to be distressing and very inconvenient for both your precious pet and yourself as well.

Why do you have do you have to be concerned of dog health if coughing is not fatal? Well, there are times that coughing is a symptom to a more serious disease that you should know about. The earlier you are able to detect any form of sickness, the better the chances of your dog to have a complete recovery. There is no pain worse than regret that you let something become worse because you neglected to do something about it when it was still in the earlier stages.

Also, if you had the flu— would you want to stay like that for a long time? Of course not! When your dog is suffering from flu-like symptoms, he is the same way. He will miss out on a lot of quality time with you and fun play times outdoors if he is not his normal, healthy self. Moreover when your dog stays sick long, his immune system is down, and this can cause him to be more susceptible to other viruses and infections.

Dog Health CoughingWhat causes dog health coughing? Dogs with cardiovascular issues or heartworm infestation usually have cough as symptoms. If you suspect this, you need to bring your pet to the vet as soon as possible. More often than not though, dogs contract flu-like symptoms because of an upper respiratory infection. This is often referred to as kennel cough.

Aside from a dry cough, symptoms of kennel cough may include intolerance to physical activity, sneezing and fever. Because the trachea of the dog is extra sensitive, dogs with kennel cough gag or vomit when pressure is applied to their throat. If you think that your dog has this, then keep him away from your other pets because kennel cough is very contagious. Isolation can take up to six weeks.

There are many treatments available for canine flu and cough. Make it a point to choose natural remedies because it will be better for your dog’s health in the long run. Over the counter drugs and medicines may contain harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to your dog’s systems over a period of time. Herbal and holistic therapies are recommended by experienced pet owners from all over the world.

Dog Health CoughingIt’s a good idea to invest in dog health supplements and vitamins early on because healthy dogs are not likely to be infected with viruses easily. Go to the links in this site to find some of the best canine supplements and resources about dog health coughing today. Investing in your dog’s health is not just a good idea, it’s a great idea because you will get to enjoy many long and happy years with him when you do. Enjoy!

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