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Dog health conditionsDog health conditions may vary, but one thing remains the same, we all want our dog to be as healthy as possible. They are not just pets, they are members of our family and we need to invest in their health to ensure that they live long and happy lives.

Why are some dog health conditions worse than others? Well, the truth is there are a lot of factors that go in why a dog is where he is health wise. One reason is that some breeds are genetically more predisposed to certain dog illnesses. It’s not fair, but it is what it is. Do your research so you know what to expect and the necessary precautions you can take to prevent an escalation of these diseases from happening.

Now, perhaps the biggest factor on that they get. If you feed a dog junk food, guess what state their health condition will be in? Yes, sickly, slow and lethargic. If, on the other hand, you feed him healthy food with only the most natural and organic ingredients, you can expect a dog with good skin, hair, better disposition, and over-all health.

Dog Health ConditionsIf it is at all possible, give your dog a natural diet, or food that is uncooked and raw. It may seem icky for us, but this is actually the healthiest fare you can serve to your pet. Keep in mind that before we domesticated our dogs, they lived in the wild and survived on whatever food they found there. Their intestines are also shorter and more acidic than humans so bacteria will not thrive on this environment for very long. Fresh fruits and vegetables in particular, are loaded with moisture and antioxidants that will improve their immunity and skin condition- healthy skin means healthy hair.

While this is the most ideal diet, not all pet owners have the time and energy to do this. In fact, I would venture to say that most pet parents are busy juggling jobs and household duties that they go to the groceries to buy dog food for their pets. This is fine. However, if you do buy your dog food, be sure to buy them premium dog food brands that are designed to meet the nutritional needs of your pet. These organic dog food will cost a few more dollars, but they will end up adding more years to the life of your pet.

Dog Health ConditionsAside from diet, it is important that your dog has regular exercise. Exercise has several benefits, mainly: cardiovascular health, strengthens the organs, lubricates the joints, and maintains good weight (obese dogs are more susceptible to diseases). Exercise is also important because it provided a channel for the dog to vent excess energy that will otherwise be spent on trashing your place or being too aggressive over-all. Find time to walk the dog a few times around the block every day for his optimal health- mental and physical.

Remember, consult with the vet periodically to find out updated dog health conditions of your pet. The more you know about your pet’s health, the better you are equipped to protect him from canine sickness and diseases.

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