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Dog Health 101Dogs make great pets. While we wish that we can hang out with them forever, there are times that sicknesses and diseases will make it hard for them to keep up with us. We need to keep ourselves well informed with dog health so that we can avoid the things that are detrimental to their over-all well-being.

What do we need to know about dog health? There are many possible complications that may arise in our pet’s health. Some of them can be avoided, some are congenital by nature. Certain dog breeds and their health problems are irreversible, although they are often manageable. Research about the breeds you like before deciding to adopt them. You might need to spend more on some breeds when it comes to their health and you need to be prepared for that.

There are many ways that you can do to keep your do as healthy as possible. The first is to make sure that he gets the right diet. Dog nutrition is a foundational element in health. If you feed your dog the right food, you can be sure that he is not only healthy, he will look good as well.

The best diet you canDog Health 101 give your pet is one that is as close to its original form as possible. Yes, this means a raw and natural diet is recommended. Premium grade meat is particularly helpful in ensuring your dog is strong. Meats from chicken, turkey and lean beef are the best; but pork is also good, especially if your dog is more sensitive. Pork is said to solicit the least allergic reactions to dogs.

Do not remove the bones from raw meat. Bones are not only rich in calcium and phosphorus, its crunchy texture is beneficial to the canine’s teeth and gums. If you prefer to serve cooked meat, you can grind up the bones and sprinkle it over the meal. It’s a great way to retain the minerals without the danger of splintered bones choking the dog.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are also very good for dogs. Green peas and carrots are great fillers that can assist overweight dogs keep their weight down. Obesity in dogs aggravate canine sicknesses so always monitor your dog’s calorie count at all times. Fruits that are rich in antioxidant properties help boost the dog’s immune system. Chop up apples, melons and bananas and give it to your dog’s as treats for obedience training.

If you do not have the time to prepare the food for your dog, you can avail of premium pet food products that are specially formulated to give your dog the vitamins and minerals he needs. Dietary supplemeDog Health 101 nts are also a good way to further improve the quality of life of your dog, as well as treat health conditions as naturally as possible. Click on the links in this page to find these excellent products that promote dog health.

Always give your dog fresh water to drink. Water serves to cleanse your dog’s system regularly, keeping him free from toxins that may compound to whatever health problems that he might have. Engage your dog in physical activity daily to encourage cardiovascular health and again, to maintain his ideal weight. Exercise is also extremely beneficial because it aids in absorbing the nutrients in his system better. Now, what could be better than a healthy and active dog?

Get more valuable resources on dog health when you click on the links in this site. Remember, a healthy dog is a happy dog, be the proud owner of a happy and good looking dog today!

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