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Dog Gift BasketsThere are many cultures that hold animals in high esteem. Many ancient religions were based on the worship of animals. In the United States people spend millions of dollars annually on the care and pampering of their pets. Over the past several years many exotic animals are being taken as pets; however the dog and cat are still the favorite pets. Selling supplies for pets is a multi million dollar industry.

A friend of mine has remained single. She lives a full life, working, golfing, volunteering and recently she bought a town home. Now that she is a home owner she also bought herself a small house dog. This is a huge change for her because she has spent her entire adult life not having to care for anyone or anything but herself, now she needs to plan her schedule around the care of the dog. This friend has a very generous spirit. She has given many shower and wedding gifts as well as baby gifts to friends.

I decided that a group of us should get together and give her a house warming party as well as a shower for the adoption of her new pet. It would be a way for us to give back to her. I suggested different things that are needed when owning a home for the first time as well as items for dog gift baskets.

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Dog Gift BasketsI had seen her with the new dog and she treats him like a baby. I decided that dog gift baskets would be the way to go.Several of us decided that we would do the dog gift baskets together. In one we put several different kinds of dog treats. In another we placed several collars and leashes as well as a doggy rain coat, sweater, and sun glasses for when she takes him on a walk. In the third dog gift basket we placed several chew toys and raw hides so that the dog would have something to do during the day when his owner was at work.

Our friend was delighted with the house warming gifts as well as the dog gift baskets. We had told her that we were coming over and that she needed to have coffee on and paper plates set out. We brought appetizers, wine and several different desserts to share while she opened her gifts. She is so excited about her new home and the new stage of her life.

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