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Dog FoodsWhat do you need to know about dog foods? What are healthy ingredients and what are not? Can we use the same food that we eat to our pets? What pet food products can I trust? Here is your essential guide to your dog’s nutritional needs.

Well, there are many things that you can feed your dog but no, not all the things you have in your refrigerator can be put in the doggie bowl. There are several ingredients that are really bad for your dog’s health like caffeine, chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins and macadamia nuts just to name a few.

These ingredients are toxic and may cause serious damage to your dog’s internal organs. If you see your dog ingest some of these ingredients, induce vomiting right away and let him drink plenty of fluids to cleanse his system. Go to the vet to make sure that your dog is safe and free from toxic substances.

What human food can wDog Foodse give to our dogs? High grade meat is the best food we can give. Lean beef, chicken or turkey meat are excellent sources of protein that our beloved pet can benefit from. Remove cooked chicken and turkey bones because they splinter easily and may cause a choking hazard to the animal. Ground them up and sprinkle them over the dish so you maximize the minerals that the bones do have. Fish is also a great source of fatty acids that improve dog health, another is flax seed. Omega 3 fatty acids are the elements responsible for the dog’s shiny, healthy fur coat and skin.

Hard boiled eggs have nutrients like riboflavin and selenium that are beneficial for dogs. Apples supply vitamins A and C, and sweet potatoes are chock full of vitamins and minerals like fiber, vitamin B, vitamin C and beta carotene. Be sure to chop the food in bite sized pieces to make it easier for the dog to chew and swallow. These make for fantastic dog treats or rewards that the dog can look forward to after a good training session.

Dog FoodsOf course if you do not have the luxury of preparing raw and natural dog foods, there are other healthy alternatives you can consider. Some premium pet food brands offer the same benefits of a natural diet that are more convenient for most pet owners. Stay away from the commercial pet food products that provide very little nutritional value to animals.

How do you know which ones are good and bad? The best dog foods should look closest to its natural form. This means that those that have a lot of preservatives and chemicals added to it are what you DON’T want to give your pet. Generic looking cheap pet food are some examples of these.

Opt instead for pet food that have been dehydrated or freeze dried. Life’s Abundance, Honest Kitchen, Wysong, Nature’s Variety and Flint River Ranch are examples of these high quality dog food brands. Invest in the best dog foods and watch your dog live a longer and happy life. Enjoy!

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