Dog Food – What Is Best For Your Pet?

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If you have a dog, then you probably spend a lot of time wondering what is best for them. Dog food is just one area where you have to make a decision on the best option for your dog, and where your choice will affect every part of his life. To this end, it is important that you make the very best decision for your dog.

There are many different kinds of Dog Food dog food available today in the market. The different messages sent by the food manufacturers make many consumers felt confused. Especially, this is true for the mass marketed grocery store foods. This is perhaps the largest segment of market choose dog food.

If you find yourself concerned about your dog health and really want to make the best choices for your pet, look further. The bagged dog food in the aisle at the grocery store aren’t always healthy for your dog. These brands are generally full of synthetic ingredients and artificial additives that can actually harm your pet’s digestive tract. The recent major pet food recall is an example of how these substances can even be deadly if ingested.

There are two other main areas of dog food on the market. You can purchase premium foods at pet stores and sometimes grocery stores at a high cost. These foods can range from very good to bad, so it is important that you read the ingredient labels and know what is in the food. If you find an ingredient that you are unsure of, be sure to check online to see what it is before feeding it to your dog.

Honest Kitchen Dog FoodThe last and smallest category of dog food is called natural or organic foods. These foods can only be found at specialty stores (or online) and may cost quite a bit more than grocery store brands. This is because these foods, such as Honest Kitchen, are much higher quality and contain much better ingredients. These ingredients are chosen to help a dog function better and be healthy for a long time.

Before buying dog food it is best to check out all the available choices. Organic or natural foods are made with human grade ingredients and are available in different varieties for different breeds. These foods offer great nutrition and not just empty fillers for your dog. You will see an improvement in the gloss and silkiness of your dog’s coat when feeding these foods. They are much better for your dog then the lower cost varieties.

Of the numerous varieties of dog food available in the market, most consumers are still not tuned to the message that the food manufacturers want to convey and leaving them confused. Nevertheless, you do have more choices if you care about your dog and his dog health in particular. There are highly rated foods available at pet stores and you can sometimes find them at your supermarket at premium prices. Organic foods can only be found at specialty stores and may cost quite a bit more than grocery store brands. This is because these foods, such as honest kitchen, are much higher quality and contain much better ingredients.

– Melinda Smith

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