Dog Food That Will Keep Your Pets Healthy And Strong

Dog Food That Will Keep Your Pets Healthy And Strong

How to Choose Dog Food

dog food One needs to carefully choose the foods that he or she gives to her pet. There are some foods that may cause serious health hazards to your pet’s biochemistry. Chocolates are considered poisonous to your pets so it should never be given. In order to make sure that you give them safe and healthy foods only, you have to be informed which is the right dog food for them.

The right dog food? Wouldn’t that be the manufactured ones they advertise on TV? No, that’s not the right food for dogs. The best thing you can feed your animals is raw meat. They love gnawing and eating raw meat. A big slab of meat is the best treat you can ever give him.

Using Leftovers as Dog Food?

dog foodIf you have some leftover food, then you may try that as well. Of course, we are referring to healthy food here – not takeout. Some even cook extra so their pets would share their dinner. Foods from an honest kitchen such as yours will serve them better than ones created in a factory with all sorts of chemicals and preservatives. Some variety is always good.

If you think feeding your pets with slabs of meat all the time is too expensive, what you can do is eat mix it with rice or some other similar food. Aside from that, you can also supplement your dog’s food with other grains such as oats from your honest kitchen.

Feeding your dogs some wellness pet food is also an option. They have the minerals and nutrients that your dog needs. However, you cannot have them feeding on this only. This way, you need not feed them meat all the time.

How About Commercial Dog Food?

dog foodDon’t be so discouraged with manufactured commercial dog food though, as there are some healthy ones. But again, they should be given in moderation only. Meat plus some of these every now and then will make healthy and fit. Exercise and play time is important for their diet too. Because, you see, dogs can get fat and bloated too.

In summary, then, meat is considered as the best dog food for your dogs. Rice and oatmeal are good grains to supplement meat with.  Vegetables are also good, and you can also opt to feed them Wellness pet food or Honest Kitchen food.

– Melinda Smith

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