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Dog Food SuppliersAll dog owners know that if you want to have a healthy dog, you need to feed him healthy meals. What makes the best dog food suppliers and where can you find them?

There are so many dog food suppliers nowadays that I’m sure you’re a little confused with them. People have said that there’s not a lot of difference, but the truth of the matter is, there is a world of difference between them. Don’t be misled by the advertising campaigns and marketing gimmicks that big pet companies use. If you want to know which supplier to use, look at the label on the dog food that you plan to purchase.

The ingredients play a major role in the standard of the dog food. Look at cheap dog food products. They will often list “meat by-products” as part of the list of ingredients. Have you ever wondered what this means? By-products are the unused and unwanted parts of the meat source. This can be the beaks, the claws, the blood, whatever it is that humans don’t want, many pet food companies put into dog and cat food meals.

This is what makes the product cheap. Think about it, who wants to give their dogs beak for breakfast? Manufacturers then add in preservatives and other chemicals to make it more palatable and appealing to the dogs. I don’t think it works because dogs don’t always like the taste of these, but it sure fooled a lot of us. You might think you’re getting a deal but in reality, you will be spending a lot more in future medicines and vet bills.

Dog Food SuppliersChoose dog food suppliers that are more expensive, but are sure to be healthy for pets. The dog food should have meat, chicken, beef, lamb or turkey are good. These excellent protein sources are attributed to improve the dog’s appetite, energy, skin and coat. Avoid grain based products because they can cause allergies and aggravate certain dog diseases.

Many recommend dry dog food because this retains a lot of the minerals of its original form. Dehydration is especially mild because it simply removes the moisture out of the ingredients. All you need to do is add warm water to the dry food mix, let it stay for 30 minutes and serve it to the dog. You can add in chopped pieces of meat or vegetables in the meal for added nutrients.

There are some dogs that will benefit from a diet of canned dog food. Sometimes dogs have health concerns that require him to add moisture in his diet which canned food can provide. These kinds of dog food meals are also more aromatic and will encourage a finicky eater have a heartier appetite. Consult with the vet with regard to the nutrients that your dog needs in his diet.

Whether you opt for a dry dog food, or a canned variety, choose wisely the brand you will buy. Premium pet food that cost a few extra dollars are worth it because they employ technology that do not compromise the quality of the products that they sell. They want to ensure that your dog has the vitamins and minerals that he must have in order to be as healthy as possible.

Honest Kitchen Dog FoodThe great thing about these premium dog food brands is that they have different kinds of dog food to meet the needs of a specific group. A young pup, for instance, will have different nutritional requirements from a dog suffering from obesity or diabetes. The correct formulation with the appropriate ratios of the needed nutrients is essential for the canine’s optimal health.

Some of the best dog food suppliers that I have found are Honest Kitchen, Wysong, and Life’s Abundance. I’m sure there are several more out there and any comments, tips or suggestions are more than welcome. Remember to consult with the vet first before putting your dog in any kind of diet. He may have health issues that can be addressed with the right food and supplements.

Go to the links in this page to find valuable information on dog food suppliers that every dog owner need to know about. You have a right to know what makes a healthy dog, this is your chance to do just that today.

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