Dog Food: Sojos and Other Natural Dog Foods

Dog Food: Sojos and Other Natural Dog Foods

natural dog foodNot very many people give careful consideration to the matter of dog food, let alone the extent to which the meals they prepare influence dog health. Most conclude that the matter of feeding their dog is simply about keeping a large stock of food tins and/or dry pellets and leave it at that. However, if you truly care for your furry friend, then it is important for you begin taking his health seriously by looking for dog food that guarantees his nutritional well-being.

To be fair, the reason why dry pellets and tins continue to sell is because of the convenience they give dog owners. Food tins are moist and tasty, and when unopened, keep very well in the pantry. Dry pellets on the other hand, can be left out for days in the dog’s feeding dish, which means that there is no need to sit and watch the dog finish his food. He or she can merely eat and leave at whim.

Still some would argue that you can’t deny the value of convenience that the dry pellets and food tins can afford a busy dog owner. They would even say that current attention given to dog health is merely a marketing fad designed to exploit the hippie guilt of consumers who buy into organic produce and fair trade coffee. However, this does not change the fact that many brands of dog food are filled with unhealthy components that are unfit for consumption.

Furthering confusion is the fact that many companies exploit the liberal interpretation of “natural” exercised by food labelling regulation authorities by selling products falsely branded as “natural.” In practice, it is possible to pass something off as “natural” even when it is filled with processed intestines and cow brains. Therefore, make sure the brand of natural dog food is from a trustworthy company.

Sojos dog foodSojourner Farms is one such company. That it is independently owned by a veterinarian means that they can be counted on to understand what is healthy for dogs. They specialize in a brand of natural dog food which reconciles the convenience of most commercial brands with the objectives of health and nutritional well-being that they have set for their company. Sojos food is made from a variety of fresh ingredients such as vegetables, nuts, herbs and grains and meant to be served with fresh meat and prepared with warm water. As such, Sojos make a great alternative to kibble.

This article attempts to shed light on the lack of attention given to dog health by most dog owners by describing how the conveniences of most dog food is offset by the fact that they are made mostly without any concern for a dog’s nutritional well-being. To that end, one must consider purchasing natural food for their dog from trustworthy companies. Sojourner Farms is one such company and their line of Sojos food is a great alternative to kibble.

– Melinda Smith

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Brigitte Smith is an entrepreneur with a love of dogs and a healthy lifestyle. Brigitte is passionate about holistic health alternatives for dogs, most of which are today suffering foreshortened lifespans in the wake of a lifetime diet of commercial pet food, and further contributed to by unnecessary over-vaccination and chemicals and poisons applied topically and internally. is one of Brigitte's sites dedicated to dog health, and in particular dog food reviews.

2 thoughts on “Dog Food: Sojos and Other Natural Dog Foods

  1. Vickilynne

    Hi –

    I found your website a while back and read your info on Sojos dog food. I’d been looking for an alternative food for my four guys (all “retired” male long hair dachshunds) and decided to give it a shot.

    So glad we did!! First, they absolutely LOVE it! Dinner time is now the highlight of their day. Jack, the oldest at 13, has been chronically overweight since we got him about three years ago (he was a rescue). Despite my best efforts, he was just TOO big. I cut back his food and gave him fillers of green beans and carrots. We don’t feed them people food, and treats are very limited. Despite this, Jack remained a hefty 22 pounds. Now, in his defense, he’s not a little doxie, but 22 pounds is at least 5 pounds more than he should be.

    In addition, the youngest one, Gus Gus, had been getting a bit on the chubby side as he’s gotten older (he’s 8 now). As a long-time wiener dog owner, I am well aware of how much weight issues hurt these little guys, and it was making me crazy!

    We’ve been on Sojos now for about 2 months and the change is wonderful. Jack is getting his waist back, and Gus is looking trimmer as well. The other two, Briggs and Jake, continue to look long and lean (guess they have fewer fat genes!!). Anyhow, I am really grateful I found your site and your article recommending Sojos. It has made me a believer, and I’ve been spreading the word to anyone who will would listen. It’s great to be able to give your “kids” quality food that they love and thrive on.

    Thanks for helping me find this product, and for all the other super information you have on your site!


    (& Briggs, Gus Gus, Jake & Jack)

  2. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Vickilynne,

    I’m happy to hear your dogs are doing so well on Sojos.

    I haven’t heard of Sojos assisting with overweight conditions before, but it makes sense. Even with people, the only type of dieting that works well consistently is healthy eating (rather than a “diet” per se).

    And the fact that your dogs enjoy mealtimes more now that you are giving them Sojos is also a plus!

    Great news.


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