Dog Food Review Sites

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Dog Food Review Sites

Dog Food ReviewI am sure you have spent countless hours reading through dog food review sites, trying to find the best pet food for
your dog. There are some dog food there that are pretty nasty and you do not want any of that stuff touching your dog.

You have been an awesome dog parent, now let me help you get the best for your dog. After all, I have heard horror
stories on people taking the recommendation of a dog food review, only to find out that the site they were on is nothing more than part of an advertising campaign for a large pet food company.

What do you need to look for in a dog food? There a few factors that you should consider when picking out a dog food brand. I have to say with all honesty though- price should not be the top one. Cheap dog food are cheap because there is a high chance that the company used substandard ingredients that will be detrimental to your dog’s health. You might think you are saving a few bucks by opting for the cheaper brand but the truth is, you will end spending a lot more on
your sickly dog in the future.

Yes, the company that the dog food brand belongs to actually play a big part in finding out if the dog food is good or
not. See, a lot of these dog foods are “marketed” and not “manufactured”. What does that mean? A company that only markets the products does not have a lot of input on what goes in the product. Usually, this means that all they are after is the bottom line, as opposed to companies that actually manufactures the dog food. These companies know the details that they put in their food, and more often than not, they have their own kitchens that they use to formulate the different food products that they make.

Dog Food ReviewDogs are meat eaters so it is imperative that their diet consist of meat ingredients primarily (unless otherwise stated
by the vet). Meat is more expensive so do not be surprised that these are priced higher than commercial kibble that
includes a lot of grains in the product. Grains are not easily absorbed by the carnivorous dog’s system, and they are
said to cause dog allergies so it is better if you give your dog a hypoallergenic diet.

Another helpful tip is giving your dog dry dog food. Dry dog food are known to be more healthy and safe than wet dog food. Premium dehydrated dog food are especially great because they do not use high heat or a lot of chemicals to preserve the food. The process here is simply removing the moisture in the food so all that is left is a concentrated form of the food, retaining all the vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for dogs. Of course, you can use canned or wet dog food when needed. Canned food is more aromatic and have more moisture so they are great for picky eaters.

Dog food review sites often recommend Acana, Merrik, Orijin, Canidae, Solid Gold and Halo dog food. The best way to find out which dog food is most ideal for your dog is to find out which one would suit him best. Match your dog’s health needs and life category with the many product offerings that these premium dog brands have. You should check with the vet when deciding on what dog food to choose. Remember, this is an investment on your dog’s health so being careful and well informed is a quality that will benefit your dog in the long run.

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