Dog Food Recipes

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Dog Food RecipesIf you’re one of those pet owners who are super hands on with their pet, then this article is for you. You need good tips on what to look for in dog food recipes so that your noble initiative is met with a happy bark and a wagging tail.

First of all, let me applaud you for taking this route. Not all people are able or willing to make time to prepare their dog’s food themselves. Of course this is understandable given the busyness we all happen to find ourselves in. Making your dog food from scratch though is something super worth it so get ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in to some wealth of information right here.

Looking for Good Dog Food Recipes

Dog Food RecipesWhen you browse through possible dog food recipes, it is always good to know the nutrient and vitamin content of the meals you are serving him. Your dog might have a health complication that a healthy diet can help rectify. Whether or not he has a canine sickness, use only the freshest ingredients and the best quality produce in what you feed your dog.

Dogs are carnivores so you will likely make a majority of his food to include meat. There are a lot of people who believe in the BARF diet – meaning raw food, no cooking. However, if you are uncomfortable of feeding your dog anything uncooked, you don’t have to. Bones are good for him but make sure you remove them before you boil or cook the meat. Cooked bones have a higher tendency to splinter and become a choking hazard to the animal.

Dog Food Recipes from Leftovers?

Many first-time pet owners make a mistake of giving their pets leftovers from their kitchen tables. You should never do this. There are many ingredients that are fine for human consumption but are very dangerous when ingested by dogs. They can trigger an adverse allergic reaction that can prove fatal when not treated immediately.

Dog Food RecipesSome of the ingredients toxic to dogs are: chocolates, caffeine, onions, large amounts of garlic, raisins, macadamia nuts, mushrooms, tomatoes, most candies, alcohol and fruit piths and seeds to name a few. Organ meat is good but too much can be toxic to them as well. If your dog accidentally ingests a harmful ingredient, induce vomiting right away and give him plenty of water to cleanse his system.

Your dog’s weight is critical to his health. Overweight and obese dogs are often beset by health complications as they age so monitor the food that you give him. Even though the dog food recipes you choose are healthy, it doesn’t mean you can just give him food any time of the day. Feed him once or twice a day, and a few treats in between if he is really been a good doggie.

Get simple and delicious dog food recipes when you click on the links in this article today. Who knows, with a loving and responsible pet owner like you, it won’t be long before you come out with your own file of original recipes before long.

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