Dog Food Ingredients

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Dog Food Ingredients

Dog Food IngredientsDo you want to know what the most effective way to keep your dog healthy is? The answer is dog nutrition. When you take the time to learn and find out the best dog food ingredients that can benefit your dog, you will find yourself the owner of a handsome and happy canine indeed.

Dogs are meat eaters by nature. Even before they were domesticated, their ancestors were hunters and carnivores that thrived in the wild. A generous serving of chicken, turkey and beef meat are an integral part of their diet that you should not neglect.

Don’t remove the bones in the meat. Bones are rich sources of calcium, phosphorous, protein and trace minerals. The phosphorous is known to help in accelerating the absorption on minerals in the bloodstream, and calcium makes for strong bones and teeth. Chewing on these also aid in improving bad doggie breath. Chicken bones splinter easily so if you cook chicken bones, grind them into really small pieces and sprinkle them over the meal.

Dog Food IngredientsVegetables and fruits are other essential dog food ingredients that you should add to his diet. The vegetables that dogs seem to favor the most are carrots, peas, green beans, corn, alfalfa, potatoes and zucchini. They can be served raw or lightly cooked if you prefer.

For fruits, you can serve him almost any kind of fruit (except avocados, grapes and raisins), but remember to remove the piths and seeds first because these can actually cause cyanide poisoning to canines. It is recommended that you give fruits to dogs as snacks, separate from their meals to give them better digestion.

Grains are oftentimes added into dog’s meals too. They are a good source of carbohydrates and minerals that can benefit your dog greatly. You must check with your vet first because some dogs might not do well with certain dog food ingredients. The important thing is to make sure that those that you DO give your pet are of the highest quality only.

Dog Food IngredientsNow, keep in mind that not all human ingredients are good for canines. There are a lot of food that will be bad for your pet if you feed him so do not give him leftovers without thinking too much about it. Some examples of these toxic ingredients are onions, wild mushrooms, tomato plants, macadamia nuts, chocolates, caffeine and any kind of human medication can result in serious health complication, even death.

You must also be careful on the amount of a particular ingredient you give your dog. For example, organ meat like liver and heart are great treats, but too much may lead to vitamin A toxicity. Too much garlic as well can cause upset stomachs for the poor dog. If you see your dog experiencing nausea or diarrhea, go to the vet right away to check for food poisoning.

Give your dog the best dog food ingredients in the meals that you prepare and you will see many more happy and healthy years for your pet. Enjoy!

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