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One question I’m asked on a regular basis is about dog food coupons.

dog food couponsMany dog owners are interested in saving money on dog food, so are looking for coupons is certainly a good way to go, if we are talking about dog food coupons that give a discount on the food.  These are often advertised in flyers, delivered in your mail box. These are great if they contain coupons for high quality pet food, and give discounts on those products.  They are more likely to apply to the already cheap commercial dog food brands, though.  And saving money on substandard dog food is no saving at all, in my book.

But other dog owners ask me about dog food coupons because what they really want to do is try out a particular premium dog food, before they commit to buying a larger quantity.  And I can certainly understand this.  Although most dogs do prefer premium quality food over the rubbish that so often passes for dog food, there are also a proportion of dogs who are fussy with their food, and may turn their noses up at any type of food – even fresh meat in a few instances, believe it or not!

So if you are thinking of switching to a healthier brand of dog food, what you really may be looking for are some dog food samples rather than a dog food coupon as such.

dog food sampleYes, free dog food samples are made available by some high quality pet food manufacturers.  And the very fact that they are prepared to provide free dog food samples indicates to me that they are pretty confident that most dogs will love their food and that you will buy a regular order of food from them after your dog tries the food out.  Otherwise there would be no benefit to these companies to hand out this free dog food.

So if you’re looking for free dog food coupons or free dog food samples, you’re not alone, and trying out a sample of premium dog food may well lead to you making a healthier choice for your dog’s food.

My favorite dog food samples can be found by clicking here!

These are the Life’s Abundance free dog food samples.  Try them, and leave your comments below as to whether your dog was impressed or not!

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