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Dog DryerAside from feeding him healthy food and taking him out for regular exercise, dog grooming is an important aspect of owning a pet. A dirty and smelly dog is not only unpleasant to have around– he becomes a breeding ground for parasites that can eventually make him very sick. A well-equipped grooming kit is a must in every responsible pet owner’s home. One of the tools included here is an excellent dog dryer.

A dog dryer is similar to human dryers in look and function. Of course, specialty dog dryers will have added features that will greatly help in making grooming easier for both you and your dog. For one thing, these dryers can be up to 90% quieter than human dryers.

Why is this important? Electric clippers and dryers emit loud sounds that are scary for dogs, especially young pups. Remember, a dog’s ears are more sensitive than ours so they are not just being fussy, it can be really painful for them to hear these noises. Just think, these loud nDog Dryeroises will make them panic, thus making it especially difficult for you to continue grooming them because they will be all fussy and jumping all over the place.

When you are going to groom your dog for the first time, keep the dryer on the lowest level first. Let your pet get accustomed to the sound of the equipment. Talk to him reassuringly while you shampoo, clip and dry him so he doesn’t feel scared. Praise him and let him feel like he is the best doggie ever as you groom him so he doesn’t associate grooming with painful experiences that he will want to avoid.Dog Dryer

Some dog dryers are hand held. Some are fitted on a stand. Find a design that will meet your specific needs. For instance, it is more convenient for many owners to have a stand because they want to be able to brush their dog’s coat even while the hair is being dried out. If your dog is a long haired breed, you might want to look for a dog dryer that can be mounted on a stand beside a table (where your dog will stay while being groomed).

Dog DryerIf you are thinking about going into the dog grooming business, you will need to invest in quality equipment and tools. Remember, you only the best for your dog– other dog owners will want the same for their own beloved pooches. Start small if you must, but never compromise on the quality of your service. Canine grooming is actually a very lucrative business to get into so your investment will be well worth it.

You can find the best products on the links provided in this article today. Many pet owners from around the world have used the tools found here so you can be sure that you get your money’s worth. Get a great dog dryer, clippers and shears to complete your canine grooming kit when you visit this fantastic site today!

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