Dog Diarrhea

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Dog Diarrhea

Dog DiarrheaDog diarrhea – it doesn’t quite figure in my list of favorite things but what is it exactly? As a responsible and caring pet owner, it is imperative that we know about things that may be harmful to our pets and what we can do to cure and avoid them.

Much like how we are, diarrhea is caused when a harmful substance enters our body. So really, canine diarrhea is not a dreaded ailment but an instinctive, albeit smelly, process that the dog’s body undergoes to heal itself. Most dogs eat whatever they see in front of them. Inedibility is not an issue – so rocks, home cleaning agents and some chemical processed food may contribute to the state of their tummy’s affairs.

If your dog is fairly active and happy despite the less than normal bowel movement, then you can administer home dog diarrhea cures without having to go to the vet. I mean, we don’t go running to the ER whenever we have diarrhea right? However, if the dog appears listless, bloated, is feverish, has abdominal pains and has a distended stomach you need to visit the veterinarian right away.

The first thing you may want to do is to isolate the problem and put the dog in a 24-hour fast. After that, you may resume feeding but only give half the amount he usually consumes. Again, only do this when the dog seems strong and not when he is sickly and weak. Continuously give him a fresh supply of water to rehydrate him.

When you begin to feed him again, give him non-oily, unseasoned food. A bland diet of one part lean meat and two parts rice is an effective dog diarrhea treatment. Boil and chop up skinless chicken, turkey or hamburger.  Mix it up with a serving of rice, potatoes, unsalted scrambled eggs or cottage cheese. A low fat and low sugar diet will further take him down the road to recovery.

Dog DiarrheaBeneficial bacteria help in restoring the intestinal tract’s normal functioning. Probiotics like Lactobacillus Sporogenes are excellent dog diarrhea cures that most experts will recommend. There are also dietary supplements available in various online pet shops that will aid in maintaining the canine’s digestive health. Always check with your vet before administering these supplements.

It is important to engage the animal in regular exercise.  Not only is it good for his cardiovascular system, it will alleviate his stress levels and enhance the digestive process two common causes of diarrhea. Keep in mind though that you should never introduce strenuous fitness regimen in the middle of recuperation. It will weaken him and worsen the condition. Take him out for a 20 minute walk daily.

Typically, dog diarrhea should last up to a week at the most. Usually it lasts only a day or two. If it goes on for more than two or three days with symptoms as indicated before, you must go to the vet for correct diagnosis. Chronic diarrhea when not treated appropriately – will weaken your dog’s immune system and damage the internal organs. Have a thorough examination of your pet immediately.

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