Finding Effective Dog Diarrhea Cures

Finding Effective Dog Diarrhea Cures

dog diarrhea treatmentDespite the nasty clean-up that follows it, diarrhea is not necessarily a bad thing.  It is actually the dog’s internal defense to eliminate harmful substances from his body.  As such, do not be alarmed when his increased stool movement is accompanied with some vomiting. As long as the canines do not show signs of lethargy, bloating, extremely high-fever and have bloody stools a home  will suffice.

Dog Diarrhea TreatmentYou need to get to the source of it all and commence a 24 hour fast for your dog it is the first step of an effective dog diarrhea treatment. Don’t worry; this will not kill your dog. After a day has elapsed, resume feeding but cut his usual intake in half. Do not s’erve table scraps, commercial pet food and keep away from outdoor food sources like grass or twigs.

Serve bland meals throughout the day. It should consist of one part lean meat and two parts rice or potatoes. You can use skinless chicken and turkey, scrambled egg, cottage cheese all unseasoned. Avoid any snacks and food that have oils and sugar in them. You can reintroduce his regular meals after three to seven days depending on the condition of his tummy.

Pumpkin is also said to helpdog diarrhea treatment in both diarrhea and constipation. Add a few teaspoons into the dog’s meals, or water bowl. Administer probiotics like Lactobacillus Sporogenes to his meals. They are available in powder or liquid form in many online stores and pet shops. This will soothe the canine’s tummy, as well as help restore the stability of his intestinal tract. Probiotic supplements are recommended dog diarrhea cures.

Engage your dog in moderate exercise regularly. This will lower stress levels as well as improve his digestion. A 20 minute walk around the block daily will do a lot in his over-all health. Do not however introduce a major exercise program while the dog is recovering from diarrhea because it will only aggravate his condition.

Diarrhea is a natural healing mechanism of the dog; but if the diarrhea continues beyondog diarrhea treatmentd a few days with no improvement, you need to bring him to the veterinarian right away. After a while of chronic diarrhea, he loses important nutrients and the toxicity in his body will be damaging to him. Because detoxification mechanism lies partly in his intestinal tract, his immunity system will not be able to heal effectively.

This becomes a destructive cycle that will be difficult to reverse so monitor physical and behavioral changes at the onset of diarrhea.  When it is detected early on, your vet will be able to recommend the best diarrhea treatment for your dog. Fresh water, good diet and regular exercise your dog will be at his happy, healthy self again before long.Dog Diarrhea TreatmentClick on the above bottle to order:

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