Dog Care – Fighting Fleas

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Dog Care – Fighting Fleas

Fighting FleasKnowing about the options for flea treatment for pets is essential. Natural flea treatment is the option I personally go for, but I understand that many people either prefer the chemical Advantage flea and tick or Frontline flea treatment, or are simply not aware that natural flea treatments are in fact available.

Finding out what do fleas look like is important, because it’s not always possible to prevent every flea all the time. So it’s good to know how to kill fleas, both fleas on your dog and fleas in carpets, where you can unfortunately also find dog fleas when an infestation takes hold.

Following is an article on the topic of flea treatment for pets what you can do to get rid of fleas. Apart from the chemical treatments mentioned that I personally don’t like, it’s a really informative article.

Here it is:

Dog Care – Fighting Fleas

Fighting Fleas can be very frustrating. They multiply very quickly and if not caught early enough they will infest your dog and your home. Once infested it is not easy to get rid of them. If your dog is constantly scratching himself that is a sure sign that he does have fleas. Check his skin that is were you will be able to find them. There are different remedies you can try to kill or keep the fleas at bay

Bombing your house is one of them but you have to cover the furniture, leave the house for a few hours, who wants to do that? Luckily there are a few ways to stop the fleas before they get to the infestation point. There are many different types of medications that can be applied to your dog, chewable tablets, the old fashion pill form, prescriptions that you may get from your veterinarian and in powder form.

Flea and tick collars are also very helpful in keeping the fleas at bay. Here are a few examples: Advantix -A dog will be free from fleas in just a few days. Veterinarian recommended. Frontline – Lasts up to four months. Biospot – Kills up to 75% of fleas, eggs and ticks. It also repels mosquitoes, which causes heartworm in your dog. There are other flea killers that you can use, Hartz, Seargents and many more. Many repellents you just reapply directly to the skin. You can get up to six months supply. Remember to check with your veterinarian for recommendations.

Fighting FleasDogs just like humans have allergies so be sure to use the one that is best for your dog. There are natural ways to help fight against fleas. Vacuum your home frequently. Before disposing of the bag make sure you seal it tightly and be sure to double bag it because fleas will jump out. Fleas tend to breed in your dogs bedding. You must keep it clean, washing of the bed once a week with warm soapy water, vacuum the bed frequently and you may also spray the bed with cedar oil to keep the fleas at bay. Cedar is an excellent repellent against fleas and insects. Bathe your dog weekly with a mild flea and tick shampoo or use cedar shampoo. Fleas are attracted to dry skin, try using Linatone Oil mixed in his food. Not only will it help keep the fleas off, it is also works well for dry skin.

Brewers Yeast and Garlic tablets create an oder in pets that fleas are sure to avoid. Sold online in tablet, chewable tablet and powder form. Be sure to plant plenty of marigolds around the outside of your home, it repels fleas along with other types of bugs. The breeding season for fleas is in the summer months. If you see one, you know there are many more. Be sure to use one or more of these ideas to keep the fleas at bay. Remember you do not want your dog or your home to become infested.

Fighting FleasIf you are concerned about the mosquitoes causing heartworm in your dog, there are different sprays that you can buy from your pet store. Some are to be applied once a week, some may be applied more or less, be sure to read the instructions on the bottle or speak to your veterinarian about preventative medication. Heartworm can lead to different health problems and sometimes can be fatal. It can be detected by simple blood work. Keeping your dog healthy is your responsibility as a dog owner. Keep them safe, happy and healthy.

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I actually couldn’t find Michelle’s site any more, but she presents some useful ideas in her article.

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  1. Valerie

    Proper dog care should be taken in order to prevent dog fleas from infesting on your pets or in your premises, you have to be careful to maintain the cleanliness of your pets and premises. This can be achieved by regularly using pest control, shampooing the pets, and vacuuming the house thoroughly.

  2. Eileen

    I am watching my sister’s dog Finnigan while she is on vacation. She seems stressed out and is homesick. Finnigan has a sister dog named Molly and they spend all their time together. Finnigan seems sad. Last night two bigs dogs come up to her and kept rubbing themselves against Finnigan. When I brought her home she went wild rubbing her self on everything. I applied her flea medication and she seemed better but today she keeps scratching herself by her ears and rubbing against things. I checked her very good for fleas but can’t find any little black bugs. When I took her for a walk she kept rolling herself in the grass. There are alot of dogs around my apartment that poop and pee where I take her for a walk. Should I give her a flea bath? Please advise asap. Finnigan’s Aunt Eileen

  3. Brigitte Smith

    Hello Teresa,

    I looked on their website and couldn’t see much pertinent information about precise ingredients (there are general statements there about the ingredients, but nothing specific that I could find), or cooking methods.


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