Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems

Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems

dog health problemsEvery pet owner knows that there will come a day where his or her beloved pet will experience some form of sickness. You need to know about dog breeds and their health problems so that you won’t be caught unaware when your beloved pup shows some changes in his behavior and appearance.

What is your dog? Some animals are more prone to dog health problems just because of the breed they belong to. For example large dogs breeds (dogs weighing more than 50-60 lbs) are reported to have more muskoskeletal diseases. The most common bone problem is hip or elbow dysplasia, which means that the joint of the elbow or hip is severely compromised and weakened.

Big dogs like Great Danes, Newfoundlands and St. Bernards are particularly in danger of heart issues because they do not exercise very often. If you plan to adopt a big dog, you should make sure that you exercise him regularly to prevent this from happening. A 20 minute walk around the block every day is sufficient time for you to exercise him and have quality time with him as health problems

Large dog breeds and their health problems are also said to have a shorter life span than smaller dogs. However, this doesn’t mean that pint sized mutts are not exempt from health issues as well.  Unfortunately, cute and cuddle little canines have some health concerns also.

Poodles are some of the smartest dogs there is in the world. Poodles are predisposed to dental problems, heart diseases and arthritis. Beagles are known to develop epilepsy, weakened spine and hypothyroid diseases. Chihuahuas frequently suffer from low blood sugar and urinary tract infections. Because small dogs are more inclined to suffer from tracheal collapse, be extremely gentle when you tug them with a collar.

Perhaps the most popular dogs that make fantastic family pets are Golden Retrievers. These beautiful golden haired beauties are reported to develop tumors and cancers. German Shepherds may be active and gorgeous breeds, but they are predisposed to digestive problems, inflammatory bowel problems and joint health deficiencies.

Now, while these reports on dog breeds and their health problems may seem discouraging, it doesn’t mean that your dog is doomed to suffer a life of pain and sickness. Of course not. Do what you can to give him a healthy lifestyle and he will enjoy many happy and active years ahead of him.

dog health problemsGive him nutritious and healthy dog food. Fresh and natural diet is the best, but if this is not possible, there are other premium pet food brands that offer food chock full of vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs. Also, do not neglect your dog’s regular exercise workout. Not only is this vital in his over-all health, it is also a productive way for him to vent excess energy.

Find out more about dog breeds and their health problems in the articles in this site today. Enjoy a beautiful and healthy pet when you invest in his health. You will be glad you did.

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